You Are Loved

you are loved.PNG


Unconditional love has been at the root of this new level for me and this part of my path feels like seeing the sunshine above the clouds for the first time. I can see the light and love in all like lightning bugs on a summer night, each flashing when they experience a surge of unconditional love, and I want to share and inspire that awareness 💗
Everyone says that love is difficult, but it’s the most natural feeling ever! The next time you’re around others, instead of taking the same path in your mind by analyzing, judging, contemplating, etc. look for the light, or the love, or the joy in them. Don’t try to measure it, just find it and connect with that part of them. It’s so simple, so effortless that it’s natural. This perspective turns on so many lights and once you train your mind to encounter others (and your self, of course) in this way, your life becomes full of love everywhere you are ✨
You’ll see love in everything, including how much love exists and how much love the Universe is always sending you. And that’s key right now: to remind yourself how much you are loved through all of these changes and shifts and transformations.
Everything in life is present because you are loved – rest assured 🌈🌙
#love #goodvibes #seethelight #awareness#bepeace #sunrise #allyouneedislove#selflove #ascension

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