Ziggy & Daisy


Last week we rescued two kittens and like every other living thing, they came with their own lessons to teach and learn.
Specifically, they had some issues with their eyes when we got them, and I had no idea how deep my empathy ran with animals until I spent the first night with them sharing their pain. I knew they were telling me where they were hurt, but when I went to ask permission to use some healing energy I was denied. So instead I sent love and played and played with them! A week later and their eyes have healed on their own 🙏These tiny little kittens have already taught me that we don’t always have to try to help and heal, but that sometimes it helps in big ways just to be present and have fun while the healing takes place in its own graceful way – and what miracles we can see by simply observing 💜✨
#kittensofinstagram #blackcat #ziggy#daisy #lifelessons #presence #empathy#havefun #healing #growtothetop#thedirtylotus

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