Deep Breaths before Change

When you’re feeling big changes coming, what’s your ultimate go-to to get some clarity or validation?  
For me, it’s my Ascended Masters deck by Doreen Virtue. I love yoga, I love crystals, I love music, I love my other decks of cards, etc. but nothing compares to taking the time to connect with these wise and centered energies to get some much needed insight. 

If you’re going through big changes right now, feeling like life is being swept out from under you, or just generally unsure of what to do, find what helps to ease this moment. The changes ahead are surely positive, but you’re still asking, “Is there anything I need to do?” 

And there is – RELAX 🕉 Breathe in, pause, breathe out. Don’t get caught up in the tide, ride it out. You are heading straight for good things, we all are, together 🦋✨

#inthistogether #goodvibes #divineguidance #ascension #seethrough #releasetherest #restandrestore #growtothetop #thedirtylotus 

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