Freeing Me

Speaking of prisons…I’m going to break out of the one where I tone myself down and start sharing some of my spiritual experiences. With the world rising as it is, maybe sharing these stories will spark some compassion in any person who stumbles upon them and together we can dance in a ripple effect of authenticity. 
••••••Here’s a recent spiritual experience:

I was about to do a reading for someone I highly honor and respect and she inspired me to freestyle instead of staying in the box of specific spreads. It was my first time “willy-nillying” it for anyone other than myself, so my ego was a bit wary. I detached and let the cards fall where they may and after the reading, we were mutually benefited from the opportunity.

Then I was blessed in my usual closing meditation. I abundantly thanked everyone who came in to help and in return, they sent me a huge white cloud full of golden flakes. It washed over me, and through my roots it grew into an underground tree that looked so big it had to be hundreds of years old. This tree charged the crystal grid within the energy and it was sent back up to me and radiated out into the world. I responded with, “I am blessed – thank you, thank you, thank you!” for another amazing experience in the books. 


Things like this and so many others occur daily and I usually don’t take the time to record them. My hope is that sharing some here will give permission to anyone reading to come out of any prison they’ve put themselves in because it will probably end up benefitting more than just them. So, take all this as you may and let the rest remain as is. 

The only walls that exist are the ones you build. May we all get the hell out of these boxes and uncreate these walls so we can be free and feel the compassion to help others do the same 🌼💕

#outofthebox #thankyou #shareyourstory #intuition #divineguidance #namaste #freeyourself #growtothetop #thedirtylotus

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