For the sake of all that is, find a sliver or more of your authenticity and hold on tight! Allow it to unmold you into who you truly are. And once you find more pieces of you, keep going. Become continuously aware and detached from the ego. Become consistently loyal to your intuition and truth. Befriend who you truly are, and make sure your truth is calling the shots and not your doubts or fears. It’s too sad anymore to see people fall into undermining patterns. Lately I’ve been constantly checking and rechecking myself, ensuring all my intentions are in line with the divine and seeing if there is anything I’ve missed. It wasn’t until recently that I could see so clearly all the bits and pieces of my ego that I hid away in little spaces, disguising them as something they weren’t. Seeing myself like that, kind of vulnerable and kind of ashamed, made me love myself even more because I finally got to really know my dark side, as well as how I could release and become more light. Sure, it takes dedicated energy and effort, but what else is there to do but grow, and why not do that now? What better time than now? Don’t be another statistic – be the one who joins in changing them 🙏✨

#letsbereal #thetimeisnow #letgo #empoweryourself #findyourself #beyourself #freeyourself #levelup #ascension #authenticity #growtothetop #thedirtylotus

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