I Am Free

Sometimes I see these scam accounts or people stressing out over making sure they post something at least once or more a day whether it’s wholehearted or not, all to uphold algorithms that can benefit themselves. You see these people with so many followers and in this transitioning world, one can be left with thoughts of “Well, damn…am I doing it wrong?” But all that “upholding an image” in general is becoming so unnecessary, and thankfully this full moon, my divine support team, and beyond have helped me to break away from any last chains that tied me to living up to expectations. 

I’ve tried to make myself write more because that’s what I thought I needed to do to expand my work, but instead of forcing myself I usually end up only writing when the flow feels right. And for some reason, my ego would say that was wrong. So, I released the need to feel guilty for not writing more than I do, which was sourced from trying to touch as many lives as possible with what I write. Instead, I just Be. 

To put it simply, it’s all becoming hard to put into words anymore. Being aware of the energy behind the words feels more natural than knowing a language to condense it. My words, no matter how hard I try, will never do the energy justice. It will always be bigger, grander, deeper, and truer to disconnect from vocabulary and focus more on vibrations. 

So, from now on if you happen to stumble upon any of my writings (however frequently…or not frequently), try to feel for the energy behind them, take what resonates and leave the rest, and know it all comes from the highest place of love I’m able to come from, never forced. 

I’m done playing any game saying I have to do anything that feels unnatural to me for any reason, and knowing I’m not alone in doing this (thanks to so many people rocking their truths 🙌) ensures my hopes of a “perfectly” authentic world. Just imagine what that world will one day look like! And as always, the deeper into the rabbit hole we go 🌀✨

#letsbereal #authenticity #genuine #beYOUtiful #releasetheneed #writerlife #soulgrowth #selfvalidation #empowerment #changeyourself #changetheworld #wordsoftruth #growtothetop #thedirtylotus 

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