Free Crystal Healing

I’d never charge just to add some crystals into the experience, and until my guides mentioned it, I had never thought of offering them as a free add-on to any of my healing sessions. I absolutely love and respect crystals (especially because of their abilities to help us in so many ways), so I’m excited to introduce this new level of healing with me! To put it simply, crystals – like everything – are energy and energy vibrates at certain frequencies. They’re used every day in the fields of science, jewelry making, holistic healing, and more. They are able to help in their special ways because of the way they vibrate. When we keep them in our own energy (our bodies and auras), they can help inspire that vibration in us.

Below are some examples of crystals and how they can help from MindBodyGreen:

“Turquoise helps you heal.

Bloodstone gives you energy.

Smoky quartz helps you let go.

Rose quartz cultivates love.

Carnelian is good for creativity.

Quartz crystal works wonders in clearing the mind.

Celestite relieves stress.”

So, if you’re into crystals already or would like to try experiencing their healing energies, I would be honored to connect with you for some balance and wellness. 🙏✨ If you have any questions about crystals or how they can help you, feel free to contact me – I would love to chat and help you learn 🌞🌻

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