Love truly is a cure-all. We are leveling up, especially in terms of living our passions. It’s the highest vibration and the best possible things resonate with us when we express love. But the angels say we still could use a reminder in times of change about using our imaginations for creating our best case scenario instead of thinking about worst case scenario. Remember to breathe through any burdens, and let your breath awaken your energy and release the old. Make seeing the new and good things about you a priority and always remember you are safe. Come home and settle into your creative power and fertilize it with love 💜✨🌈Artist of background: unknown, but if you know please comment because I’d love to see more of the artist’s work! 

#love #divineguidance #perspective #prana #deepbreaths #beproud #divinefeminine #create #manifest #levelup #liveyourdreams #sharethelove #angelaffirmation #growtothetop #thedirtylotus 

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