Learning to Fly

Don’t get me wrong, having wings in amazing! But using them takes it all to the next level. I know this will totally sound like something from a dream, but it was one of my first deeply spiritual experiences fully awake and alert, and it was so unbelievably real:

Soon after my Reiki I attunement, I was faced with my first challenge which included some spiritual “battle.” I had to remove three demons and many more negative entities from a home and I truly didn’t have the faith in myself. But in hindsight, at that point in my life why would I believe I had that power? I was only taught from the church and others that if you even try to interact with anything negative it’ll consume your soul and you’ll never see the light of day again lol! 

But I knew that if this was a part of my path, I had to wholeheartedly dive in and come out on the other side with a new sense of growth and empowerment. That night was coincidentally a full moon and I remember going outside to pray my ass off, asking for signs from God/Source/Universe that I would succeed and for any help that I could get. 
With my eyes closed and in ghasso, I waited for any answers. I kid you not, within a few seconds everything lit up and I saw Archangel Michael coming down towards me! He embraced me and covered us with his gigantic, out-of-this-world enormous wings and blessed me with grace and courage. And, when he left, I was still in a cocoon of wings and it was then that I could FEEL wings on my back (and it was no sensation that I could ever imagine). I could actually make my etheric wings move, and I could feel the tension in my shoulder blades. 

From that moment until last night, I would only use my wings as a shielding method. But thankfully a dear friend of mine told me different ways that other people (yep, other physical, flesh-and-blood, alive people) use theirs. 

Sure, I’m pretty much like Bambi trying to get my grounding in a new way of functioning, but learning is one of the best parts of having them! 

I never knew I could have wings, let alone feel worthy of having them. Chances are that YOU could have them too – dive in 🌈🌙

#angel #learningtofly #growtothetop #thedirtylotus 

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