Spiritual Science

Jocelyn Daher explains the scientific side of holistic healing so well. Her words below further explain why natural healing processes like Reiki, Access Bars®, and many more are so effective at changing energy levels, emotions, physical bodies, lives, etc. It’s really all down to a scientific level! To put it super simply, they help your body’s natural healing processes kick ass to propel you into all-around balance and wellness. No fluffy spiritual perspective is needed to make yourself and your life better, just a deeper awareness. 

Holistic healing sometimes has a negative connotation about it, but it doesn’t have to be spiritual. If you just want to get rid of the aches and pains or be able to handle the daily stresses with more ease, energy work allows that change to happen. So whether you’re into spirituality or just want to see changes in your life, try some holistic healing/energy work. If you’re totally skeptical, I still encourage you to reach out. Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments – I’m all ears and would love to chat 🌻🌟

“The most important thing to be aware of at this time is your emotions and thought patterns. Your thoughts and emotions are waves of energy, so much so, that they can be mapped with electrodes by neuroscientists.

Although we can not see our thoughts or feelings immediately in physical form, they are infintescently tiny forms of physical reality. For example, hormones are the physical forms of the etheric realm. What you are observing or choosing to perceive streams into your mind and your body responds by producing chemicals that conduct your physical actions.

Your emotions are vibrations, they are physical informants as hormones that direct your cells to either keep creating healthy cells or to mutate into disease like cancer. Stress whether it be physical, chemical or emotional stress interferes with your natural healing processes, this is integral down to the level of your DNA.

This is a time to slow down and look at how you can help purify the expression of your genes but also to cleanse your karma.”

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