Energy Healing & Crystals

Crystals/gems/rocks take everything to the next level, but combining their therapy with energy healing surely amplifies their effects the most.
Crystals, like every other thing in the Universe, have electromagnetic energy. This energy can be translated into metaphysical properties that can be used for the benefit of many, many things such as protection, abundance, confidence, peace, love, etc. They vibrate at certain frequencies and help our energy to vibrate at a similar frequency, which is how we can use them to help us.
In terms of using crystals with energy healing processes like Reiki, we can cleanse their energy and charge them with powerful intentions backed by amplified energy and set up protection and healing grids to further promote wellness. We can also use them to help balance and boost chakra health in a healing session, along with many more opportunities. We pretty much add more good vibes to what is already good vibing 🌞🔮
What are some ways you use crystals to heal with energy?
#crystals #healing #energywork #holistic #balance #wellness #iloverocks #goodvibes #reiki #chakras #growtothetop #thedirtylotus

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