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Meet Sarah…

Q:  Who’s behind The Dirty Lotus?

A:  Hey there! My name is Sarah Gibbons and I’m the creator of The Dirty Lotus.  I’m an adventurer, writer, teacher, intuitive guide, artist, holistic healer, and spiritual coach.   My dedication and passion is transforming and lifting individual and collective consciousness through the power of natural healing, spiritual growth, and mindful education.

Q:  Why do you do what you do?

A:  I’ve always been in touch with my intuition, but since 2012 things have really shifted consciously and spiritually for me.  It’s like I remembered why I came here, realized how small I was living before, and was bound to create a life I would be happy about.
I’ve seen how my work transforms my life every day and I can’t help but share that with anyone who comes to me.  Energy work, intuition, and natural living don’t have to be considered “hippy dippy” or fluffy – they’re just natural parts of a balanced life.
I do what I do to help people learn and implement how to create their own individual lives into something they’re really happy about, no fluff or pricey experiences included.

Q:  Why did you start your spiritual path?

A:  I always knew there was more to life than just living the daily grind, but for a long time I also battled the ideas of God being real and the Universe being a much more meaningful place than just a bunch of atoms and space.  I’m sure you’ve been there too:  certain life events happen that make you question life, but still you somehow have this deep yearning for something unknown.  The first 20 years of my life was fifty shades of ego (fear, doubt, depression, anxiety, anger, lack of self-appreciation, etc.) until I sat down to truly look at everything within and around me.  I saw all these negative influences and habits, so I buckled down and started changing things.  I’ve seen so many positive transformations in my life happen since then and every single one of them is credited to digging deeper in my spirituality.  How does it get better than that?

Q:  How has your life changed since then?

A:  My life’s work began when I became conscious and active in my life.  Awareness definitely became instilled in everything.  Since starting this personal growth journey, I’ve created changes in little things like altering the way I eat and feel towards myself to big things like doubling up on classes so I could graduate college a year early and leaving everything I know behind me to achieve dreams.  It’s taken dedication and work, and giving life whatever amount of loyalty I could give at the very beginning got me to where I am today (and of course with rockin’ help from those who have guided and taught me on this path!).

Q:  So, what now?

My work has now evolved into being focused on creating sacred space for all on their paths to wellness in energetic, spiritual, conscious, and family-friendly ways in hopes that we all grow into a more conscious, connected, and compassionate community.  There are so many ways we can grow to our best heights yet and my passion is providing natural, conscious, and spiritual ways to do so for anyone and everyone.

Q:  What does The Dirty Lotus mean?

A:  One day, the name came to me in meditation;  I was told it would be my outlet for my life’s work, so I took it and ran with it.  It means that even when we reach spiritual enlightenment, we’re still in human form which is never flawless.  It’s a reminder to celebrate and honor the human parts of ourselves ensuring that spiritual enlightenment humbly incorporates all of who we are.

About Spirituality…

Eventually, a path to balance and wellness begins to incorporate some sort of spirituality. No specific religions or beliefs needed, just some open-mindedness and integrity.  My work with spirituality is a multi-faceted vibrational journey to Enlightenment as a conscious reflection of the Universe, and being a reflection of the Universe on someone else’s path as a coach, healer, teacher, guide, or friend is the greatest honor for me.

Spirituality/Consciousness/Enlightenment is a Spiral into the Light.  This journey is everything:  it can permeate any aspect of life and it expands into the vastness of All That Is.  It is our lifeline to an ascended and more positive world, all while being our Source.

The Dirty Lotus offers customers and students guidance, encouragement, and knowledge on the different aspects in spirituality that I focus on, including but not limited to Enlightenment, Values, Consciousness, Connection, Empowerment, Transformation (Healing), Love, Awareness, and Authenticity.  These different pieces are uniquely deep in their own ways and they are all connected and One as each individual facet is echoed in all the others.  Together, they encompass checkpoints on a spiritual path.

Awareness is usually the starting line of a spiritual journey.  To become more aware means that we are more active and present in our lives so that we can make the changes we wish to see.  The more aware we become, the easier it is to start seeing the love that is in the world, as well as the love that the world needs (this includes ourselves).  By recognizing this awareness and standard of love, we then develop certain beliefs, codes, or values that we choose to live by one way or another.

These values then shape our lives and everything in it based upon what we feel to be in alignment with our own truth and integrity.  Creating our own values to live by empowers us.  Our empowerment is amplified by living in synchronicity with our awareness (presence) and our values, and we beautifully transform and heal from what is no longer serving our highest goods while continuing to Grow to the Top.

These transformations help us to see more of the real connection in everything, and every time we heal or “level-up” our awareness expands into something bigger and we connect to more and more.  We are then motivated to consciously be our whole and authentic selves in this big picture, which means we eventually see ourselves as the Universe existing as itself and beyond – Enlightenment.

A spiritual path is the most important work we can do in a lifetime and we will each walk our paths in our own unique ways.  For what more is life but to be the “impossible” and show others the way?