Hey, there! My name is Sarah Gibbons and I publish this website according to however I’m spiritually guided to do so.  My purpose with this website is to pursue deeper roots with The Dirty Lotus (my “signature” of healing, writing, etc.) in order to inspire and guide amazing people to live a more full, healthy and balanced life.  Since I have my hands in a lot of pots, you’ll see a variety of things from my writings and art to energetic healing and intuitive readings to community activism and holistic living.

I’m an adventurer, writer, intuitive guide, explorer, artist, teacher, wayfinder, yogini, and holistic healer to name just a few labels. But, labels don’t cover everything I am – or everything that you are – and who I am is always evolving, growing, and expanding.  I’m a lover of all things spiritual, nature, wisdom, beauty, love, divine connection, and authenticity. Every day I strive to be an example of how following your heart and having faith can take you to the best places in life – because it’s so true!

I’ve followed my heart in every situation for most of my life, even when I had zero clue where it would lead me or how I would get there.  There needs to be more of that in the world – that blind faith, going for it, no looking back, heartfelt living.  My mission is inspire the world to be like a lotus to break free from the mud and grow to the top (enlightenment). I hope to work with you on your own spiritual journey and grow to your best heights yet.

The world is changing, are you?

The Earth herself is changing into a more positive and wholehearted world to live in.  People now have that choice to join her and ascend to a higher path, their real purpose of this life.  I’m here to inspire and guide those who make that choice, so always feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

Spiritual & life coaching/consulting sessions coming soon.