Access Bars

What’s Your Energy?

Everything is made up of atoms, which have energy.  This means that everything has and is energy.  And this means that everything in our lives all starts and ends with energy.

 Our society is becoming much more educated about the bigger aspect of ourselves, our world, and our Universe and as we do so, we begin to notice that we haven’t been paying attention to the underlying foundation in everything:  energy.

 A lot of my work involves healing with energy (like Reiki and Access Bars) and teaching others to do the same. Energy healing is appreciated so much because it works on the energetic level of your being while complimenting any spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical levels.

So, think about it:  What’s your energy right now?  If there’s anything that is limiting you from the best possible vibes, energy healing can help remove that limitation.

Holistic Healing Sessions are all done long-distance and available for 15 minute, 30 minute, 45 minute, and 60 minute lengths.  Local appointments may be requested, but not guaranteed.  All sessions can be purchased here. Purchase the Ascension Reading and Holistic Healing Session Bundle for a great deal!



“Worst case scenario you feel like you’ve had a great massage,
best case scenario your whole life can change!”

Access Bars® have produced unprecedented results in the holistic healing community.  This is a hands-on holistic healing process that does nothing but good for the body and consciousness.  It gives clients a sense of respect for the power of natural healing therapies because it really works – especially when combined with Reiki and other innate healing energies I use.  Consider it as an accelerator on your journey to accept all of you, releasing and healing the deepest parts of yourself while becoming more of your Divine Self.

Amplifying the body’s natural electricity, the Bars® do many things for the client such as energizing the body so it will learn to flow energy more freely again, release old habits, conditioning and limitations in the conscious and subconscious levels of all time and space, and even heal parts of the collective consciousness that we’re all connected to.

Give yourself a chance to experience this for yourself and allow your life to begin changing in ways you never thought possible, including:

– healing from injuries, pain, illnesses, emotional traumas, etc.
– recovering from addictions, depression, anxiety, etc.
– attracting abundance of all kinds
– expediting health and wellness
– improving quality of sleep
– managing stress and anxiety
– bettering all aspects of all relationships
– controlling weight loss/gain
– increasing spirituality, and so much more!

There are 32 points on the head (you’ll notice some are combined) that are used during a Bars® session.  They all relate to and heal different aspects of life.  Here is some detailed information on each Bar that together help in releasing anything from any lifetime not serving our highest good:

  1. Energy Pull: Running this Bar causes all the energy in the body to flow and be available, allowing for an effortless release of thoughts, feelings, attitudes, considerations, and emotions during the session which helps the client to easily relax
  2. Power Band: Where we store all our considerations about what power is; this helps the client to see the power of being the catalyst for change to happen and to allow the client to be that catalyst for themselves
  3. Implant Band: Where we keep all our thoughts, ideas, beliefs, opinion, attitudes, emotions, etc. that we’ve accumulated over lifetimes.  It’s the point that helps us to release everything we’ve accepted or rejected as true, false, good, bad, right, wrong, etc. and lets us return to a state of thinking for ourselves in an unconditioned and non-programmed state of mind
  4. Money: Where all our considerations about money exist, including every point of view that we’ve ever had in any lifetime about money
  5. Control: The thoughts, ideas, beliefs, emotions, etc. that we’ve retained in any lifetime that say we can (or can’t) control what occurs in our lives
  6. Creativity: The place we hold all the sources for matter, energy, time, and space that we use to try and create things.  This Bar is used to reprogram us to obtain higher sources for creating things in our lives, as well as to release any conditioning that says we can’t create
  7. Creating Connections and Creating Life Forms: These Bars hold every point of view we’ve had about what matter, energy, space, and time it takes to create something in our lives.  How much work we must do to create a connection or create a form in life. A single example is writing a book – typing it creates the matter and we question how much time it will take to manifest the entire book
  8. Aging Toaster: This is where we take care of all the considerations we have about what it means to get old, die, have our bodies fall apart, etc.  It contains every thought, feeling, emotion, opinion, attitude, etc. that we’ve formed in any lifetime about what “getting old” means to us and how it affects us (like getting sick, being weak, etc.)
  9. Hopes and Dreams: The Bar that holds our point of view about hoping and dreaming for things in life.  Example:  thinking that if we hope and dream hard enough, it might happen but if we’re lucky enough, it will happen
  10. Form and Structure: It’s the foundation on which we build our reality (based upon previous experiences and lifetimes).  It’s how we see everything’s importance in our reality.  Because of this programming we put into ourselves, we make ourselves feel as if we must look, act, and be a certain way.  We alone are the ones creating that reality and can release all of this through the Bars® process
  11. Awareness: The Bar that deals with all the sources of judging our awareness and how we may lack awareness.  Running this Bar allows us to release anything that says we can’t be aware, which opens doors to bigger awareness
  12. Bridging Bar: This Bar “bridges” everything that has to do with body, sexuality, and aging.  For example, this Bar can release the thoughts and feelings we have towards us getting older and no longer having a healthy body.  We linked a thought about body and a thought about aging in our consciousness, which this Bar helps to disconnect so we can see a different and higher perspective
  13. Sadness and Joy: This is how we perceive what’s right and wrong about being happy and sad.  It’s why people say “What’s wrong with you?” when you look upset.  Running this Bar will release anything that tells us it’s wrong to be sad and right to be happy.  It helps us to accept our emotions as they are and heal them in a healthy manner
  14. Healing: Here holds everything we have about what it means to be a healer, if we can be healed, if we can help others heal, etc. We can release anything that is holding us back in our healing journey through this Bar, opening ourselves up to our full healing potential.
    (Tip:  Many people are so aware of their own energy that they can feel others’ energy without knowing it.  They may be trying to heal themselves of the dis-ease without realizing it might be someone else’s or even that it comes up from the Earth herself to be healed.  Here is when we have to ask “Is this mine? Or am I aware of something else?” Most of the time, it ends up being not ours.)
  15. Body and Sexuality: The thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc. stored in us about our bodies and our sexuality, i.e., every judgment we have about our bodies and their capability to do anything, every thought that suggests our sexuality isn’t healthy, etc.
  16. Kindness, Gratitude, Peace and Calm:
    • Kindness – all the points of view we have about what it means to be kind, why we are kind, etc. Example: questioning someone’s random act of kindness (is it true kindness or out of obligation?).  This Bar can help us release anything telling us kindness is rare, impossible, impure, etc. and help us to see just how much kindness truly is in the world and how we can be a part of it
    • Gratitude – Releases everything so we have no judgment about what gratitude is and what causes it. Restores us back to those places that have not misidentified or misapplied gratitude being in favor of love or some other erroneous point of view of what gratitude is
    • Peace and Calm – We are so conditioned to overload our bodies with adrenaline non-stop that we seldom allow our bodies to feel peace and calm. This Bar restores our ability to be peaceful and share that peace with the world
  17. Communication: The perceptions we have about communication (being verbal, not verbal, being afraid to communicate, inability to express ourselves, etc.) that ultimately relate to the space where we can be and do everything we can be and do
  18. Time and Space: This Bar relates to the ideas we have that portray time and space are connected out of necessity.  Running this Bar helps us to understand that we are energy, space, time, etc. which gives us the capacity to take control of our lives
  19. Re-activation and Re-creation: Ever feel like you’re healed from something, but then it comes back?  Whether it be an ex-lover, a health issue, a habit, etc., it comes back because there is some point of view that exists in your consciousness causing it to come back.  This Bar allows whatever you’ve released in a session to be truly released and to not come back
  20. Re-structuring: This Bar allows your body to restructure itself to a new place so it doesn’t return to the old state.  This eliminates all points of view which would allow your body to go back to its old way of functioning before the Bars session to ensure each session allows for more and more progression
  21. Circle of Manifestation: Here’s where we alter thoughts, feelings, etc. so that when we manifest something in our lives it’s something greater and not something less.  This is all about empowering us to make a new reality.  This Bar deals with the *how* of this new reality (or whatever we want to manifest) showing up, not *that* it shows up
  22. Tunnels of Time and Space: At this point in the session, we are opening doors to all possible time and space simultaneously.  This allows us to open the capacity to go to any time and space (including any lifetime, even in the future) to release and heal anything that limits us in these aspects of life
  23. Crown of Mystar: This Bar, the last one ran, has to do with going into the mysteries of the Universe and opening ourselves up to everything we decided is a mystery that we declared we couldn’t know.  This re-establishes a new connection with the Divine and gives us an open door into exploring All That Is

Now we can see just how powerful holistic healing can be and is.  These points cover so many roots of dis-eases, illnesses, disorders, etc. and Access Bars® is truly a life-changing process on so many levels.



Almost every healing session with a client includes relaying messages their spirit guides and angels, as well as providing as much authentic and light-filled guidance as I possibly can. It’s cool because it works for clients anywhere in the world (long-distance sessions with me are always available). That’s what’s awesome about healing with energy: there really isn’t any time or space to confine it.

My goal is to help people understand and become their spiritual and authentic selves, while wholeheartedly helping them heal whatever may be holding them from growing to their most beautiful heights.  I am currently completing my training to be a certified life and spiritual coach so I can acquire more knowledge to help others.


There are a few terms you should be familiar with:

REIKI:  Reiki is Universal Energy that flows through me to your energetic and physical bodies to release toxins and blockages.  It balances the chakras and cleanses the aura, returning the body back to balance and wellness.

 ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS BARS®:  Access Bars® is a healing process that uses 32 specific points on the head to amplify the electricity in your body to remove toxins and blockages preventing you from making the changes you want in life.  The Bars® can remove thousands of years of limitations in a single session.

 CHAKRAS:  The body has 7 main energy centers which are called chakras (which means “wheel” in Sanskrit). Each relate to a part of the physical body and vibrate at specific frequencies and colors. They are the following:

  • Crown: at the top of the head; relates to our connection with all that is.  The physical association is the Pituitary Gland.  Color is purple and musical note (aka frequency) is B.
  • Third-eye: located just above the space between our eyes; relates to our intuition.  The physical association is the Pineal Gland.  Color is indigo and musical note (aka frequency) is A.
  • Throat: right in our throat; relates to self-expression.  The physical association is the thyroid/parathyroids. Color is blue and musical note (aka frequency) is G.  This chakra also relates to the element of the Ethers.
  • Heart: in the center of our chest; relates to love.  The physical association is the Thymus. Color is green (or pink for higher heart) and musical note (aka frequency) is F.  This chakra also relates to the element of Air.
  • Solar Plexus: located between opening of the bottom of our rib cage; relates to our self-power.  The physical association is the Pancreas/Adrenal Glands. Color is yellow and musical note (aka frequency) is E.  This chakra also relates to the element of fire.
  • Sacral: located just below our belly button; relates to our creativity and sexuality.  The physical association are the ovaries/testes. Color is orange and musical note (aka frequency) is D.  This chakra also relates to the element of Water.
  • Root: located at the bottom of our spine; relates to our survival.  The physical association are the Adrenal Glands/sex organs.  Color is red and musical note (aka frequency) is C.  This chakra also relates to the element of Earth.

 AURA:  The aura reaches out about arms-length away from our body.  It is our energetic field.  Traumatic experiences, old energies, etc. can become trapped in our auras making the importance of cleansing them vital to our wellness.

 CRYSTALS:  Crystals (or gems, rocks, etc.) have metaphysical properties that can be used for the benefit of many, many things such as protection, abundance, confidence, peace, love, etc.  They vibrate at certain frequencies and help our energy to vibrate at a similar frequency, which is how we can use them to help us.

 KARMA:  Karma is the law that whatever you put out into the Universe returns to you, but also relates to the fact that we as souls must learn both sides of every situation:  we must be rich, we must be poor, we must kill, we must be killed, etc.  Over multiple lifetimes, we accumulate karma and sometimes need to heal from it using Reiki, The Bars®, and many other holistic healing therapies.  Both Reiki and The Bars® heal karma from thousands of lifetimes when used in combination.

ASCENSION:  The Earth has raised its vibration to a frequency of more light, love, compassion, positivity, etc. and the people now have a choice to raise their vibrations as well.  We will work together to find your purpose through the Ascension, which usually involves living our own soul passions and truths.


I hope to work with you towards divine guidance and healing!