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This week we have seven activities to help us be more positive in turn, helping us to see just how much light and power we have in our lives.

Day 1:  Just for today, refrain from any impulse of negative self-talk.  Today, you’ll notice how much you criticize, blame, or ridicule yourself. It’s human to be a little too hard on ourselves, so make today the day you stop doing it to yourself.  Talk yourself up or do something positive instead of creating negative thoughts or feelings – this is the power you have in your life.  When you decide to make a thought, feeling, or situation positive when it could be negative, you literally transmute the energies involved into positivity.  Notice how much control you have over how you feel, how often you change your energy, and the ways you build yourself up throughout the day.

Day 2:  Just for today, laugh! Watch a funny movie, be silly, etc. – just don’t take life so seriously. Life was never meant to be lived strictly or sternly; it’s meant to bring joy, happiness, light, fun! The thoughts that say “I don’t have time for…,” or “I’ll get off track if…” are just your current perspective and not necessarily reality. You can observe life from a detached perspective and allow yourself some feel-good time which will always refresh and re-energize you.  Switch up your perspective, give yourself a break, and let yourself laugh!

Day 3:  Just for today, brush off whatever happens to you today.  Yep – even comments from the peanut gallery and the guy who doesn’t let you merge into traffic.  Imagine a mirrored ball surrounding you all day and anything that happens or is said to you bounces right off the mirrored surface.  Stay above any obstacle today and keep your head high.  You’re creating a more positive life and by today it’s starting to get a little easier – you can do it! Bonus: at the end of the day, take a bath or shower and use some Kosher Salt.  It’s super cleansing on all energetic levels, especially when used with water, so it’ll rinse the day off and restore you back to you.  

Day 4:  Just for today, treat yourself.  Listen to soothing music, take a bath, sit in the sun, take a hike, etc.  Today you’re going to do what you want to do – even if it’s just for half an hour.  Really show up for yourself to provide some comfort and positivity in your life today.  Pretend like you’re on a mini-vacation and indulge in whatever you “don’t have time for” – you deserve it!  When you’re basking in the positive moment, let yourself truly feel all of the goodness it can offer you.

Day 5:  Just for today, give prayer a shot.  You don’t have to be religious and you don’t even have to call it a prayer.  Open yourself and express to the Universe how you’d like help to have more positivity in your life.  Imagine what you’d like your life to be like and say, “I need help to do this.”  Chances are there will be a being of light listening and will send you what you need.  The important thing is that we cannot be helped unless we ask, so ask away.  Let there never be an end to you asking for assistance and positivity.

Day 6:  Just for today, decide to be happy now.  Stop the worrying in its tracks by putting your foot down and saying, “You know what, I don’t want to worry anymore. I want to be happy, so I’m going to be happy.”  All you have to change your life is the present moment and today is the perfect day to change your life into a more positive and happy place to be. When you decide to be happy now, you’re signaling the Universe that you’re only allowing goodness in your life and you’ll begin to attract goodness like you’ve never imagined.  How can it get better than that?

Day 7:  Just for today, have faith in yourself and in the Universe.  Push off the sides of the river and know the flow will take you exactly where you need to be.  It’s hard to not be positive when deep down you just know that you’re perfectly okay in every situation.  When that faith is stronger than any fear, doubt, or worry you may have, the lights turn on and your energy raises to a more positive vibe.  Wholeheartedly trust that your life is and will be divinely perfect and it will be.

“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.” – Willie Nelson


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So many of us know we want our lives to change, but some of us don’t know what we want or we hit roadblocks on the way there.  If you’ve been asking the Universe for change and it hasn’t come yet, that means there is resistance to what you want.  Deep down, there is a part of you that isn’t allowing it to come.  Sometimes it’s a fear or doubt or worry, and sometimes it’s not knowing and allowing your heart’s biggest dreams.  We get caught up in the drama of life and can forget we are not necessarily cast members in the play, but writers, producers and directors.

This week we have seven activities to help us realize our dreams, in turn applying our energy, attention and intention to having the life we truly desire.  One way of realizing your dreams is a process I’ve learned through divine guidance.  Here it is:

Day 1:  Be gentle with yourself.  Treat yourself with love in everything you speak, do, feel, etc. and give yourself the same great love that you give to those around you. Know that you deserve this deep compassion and release any feelings no longer serving the best of you. If you don’t know your dreams, tell yourself it’s okay – it’s a process and you’re taking steps towards it all.  This step will release and begin to heal any negativity holding you back from realizing what you really want.  It will also increase your awareness of your life, showing you what negative patterns you might have and the amount of love and compassion in your life.

Day 2:  Next, imagine your wildest dreams.  If you were the Creator of everything in your life, what would your life be like?  If you could have anything at all in life and be fully supported by the Universe in protection, abundance, and prosperity, what would you create?  Pretend that you have a blank canvas in front of you and you have access to any color of paint and an endless amount of brushes available to you now.  (Side-note:  Do you see the relevance of art and creation?  Express your creating side; there’s an art to everything.) You are going to begin painting your dream life, so meditate today on what you would want to create on your canvas.  The simple act of envisioning is probably the most crucial step in creating your dream life, so seeing your dreams in your mind as often as you can today will get you right on track.

Day 3: Now, realize that you are the true co-creator of your life in every reality possible. So,  you’ve already started releasing anything that holds you back from Day 1, and you practiced yesterday how it felt to imagine something without limits.  Today you will begin to remember your power and real-life creative abilities.  Take some time out of your day to get comfy and connect with the Universe.  Call in your support team (we’ll learn about them tomorrow) and ask for protection and guidance.  Imagine a beam of golden white light coming down from the divine to the top of your head, going down your body through your feet into the ground and below.  You are now connected, so begin energetically speaking by envisioning what you imagined painting on your blank canvas yesterday. Continue envisioning until you feel done, then thank everyone and go about your day. Have confidence in yourself:  I understand it seems too simple, but if you can envision it, you can make it happen.

Day 4: Remember the support you have behind you every step of the way.  Every last one of us has an entire team of supportive angels and guides that have helped us since before birth.  They helped us design our lives and the challenges we’d overcome and the glories we would experience.  Today, try to connect with them.  Begin by going internally – ask for a sign of their presence, how they are helping you, what you need to know, etc. and ask that it may be an energetic sign.  This means it could be a vision, a feeling of joy, an inspired thought, etc. (the point here is to pay more attention inwardly than externally, which is where begin manifesting). Keep practicing connecting with them for it will change your daily life; they’ll help you to see and create your dreams.

Day 5:  After realizing your power, protection, and potential, see yourself as the rest of the Universe sees you:  a light in darkness, a helping hand in trying times, a source of love in a world shedding its hate.  See yourself through only eyes of love and don’t forget to honor and respect yourself. Give yourself a great amount of self-respect and find the courage to live according to your own truths; this will keep your vibes good and high.  When you treat yourself with this level of respect, good things will always find you (like attracts like).  It’s also a bonus that you continue to see yourself and everything in your life from a higher perspective.  That higher perspective is the one necessary to realize the different aspects of your life (the “bigger picture”) and can inspire you to realize dreams that you never let yourself desire before.

Day 6: Decide to be happy now.  If things haven’t changed yet (or even if they have!), opening your heart to the happiness, joy, and bliss in every present moment allows you to be willing to see the goodness in your life.  When you see the good in your life, you’ll keep finding and attracting more good which will continue to inspire your aspirations and dreams.  Your life changes when you decide that the only thing you allow in life is goodness and joy; you can make that decision today, right now.  Your life changes because you take control and you tell the Universe “Only good can come to me now!” and the Universe responds accordingly.  Happiness continuously lifts the bar of life. Realize your potential and guidance and watch your previously unattainable dreams become attainable;  decide to be happy now and watch the dreams you didn’t see before come into your imagination.

Day 7:  Allow yourself to believe that this is all true and real.  You just had a week of so many higher vibrations that you might not be used to – you’re capable of coming down from that high and second-guessing what just happened.  You may think that this process wouldn’t work because of its ironic complex simplicity or you may think that it’s just “too good to be true,” but it’s actually a formula for a dreamy life.  Becoming aware of what’s in your life, knowing you have unlimited sources and power, giving yourself the respect that’s due, staying true to your truths, knowing you are divinely supported (who else would you want behind you?), and deciding that today is the day all lead to changing your life in so many ways.  Stay in the high vibe state of mind. Admit to yourself that you didn’t see your power before and from here on out, remind yourself you have a life with limitless potential.


“To understand the heart and mind of a person, look not at what he has already achieved, but at what he aspires to.” ― Kahlil Gibran


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In this “7 Days to Life” Series, we will be adding little practices into our every day lives that will help us grow to our best heights yet. By incorporating an action into each day of our week, we will become more aware of the true presence of each week’s theme in our lives.

This Series is here to help teach us how we can change our lives by focusing on doing just one thing a day. Don’t worry about carrying one day’s activity to the next. Eventually, we will naturally begin to add these practices into the rest of our lives (the “Life” part in “7 Days to Life”). The goal here is to concentrate on the phrase “Just for today…” Staying in the mindset that we only have to focus on the present day will help us learn that the only day we truly have to change our lives is today.

This week we have seven activities to help us be more charitable, in turn becoming helping hands in making the world a better place. 

We’ll notice that the activities this week are mostly focused on donating our time or energy to someone, which shows that it doesn’t just take money to be giving.  We’ll also realize that we are benefited at the same time as we give.  This is a flow of giving and receiving, and it’s the natural order of the Universe.  When we are in a constant state of flow, our lives change in the most beautiful synchronicity.

Day 1:  Just for today, perform a random act of kindness and try to let it go unnoticed.  This is a donation of energy.  The moment we do good for the sake of goodness, we act from a place of full integrity.  For that split second, we’re the powerful energy of the best parts of ourselves.  It’s such a good feeling that it’s almost easy to guess that you’ll want to do this more often after giving it a go!

Day 2:  Just for today, be fully present when talking with someone – try not to judge or listen just to respond.  This is a donation of time.  Today is our opportunity to truly be there for someone in our most authentic and present forms.  Let’s not think about what we have to do later in the day, what we could say back, and refrain from adding our two cents unless asked otherwise.  Today we give part of our time to a part of the world and in return, we get a glimpse into pure awareness.

Day 3:  Just for today, be patient with everyone you meet.  Let them be who they are without effecting you.  This is a donation of energy and time. We all have things to do and places to be, and let’s face it:  the three people ahead of you in line with carts full of groceries don’t actually have the power to upset you – only you have that power! Being patient means we must chill out and go with the flow sometimes.  When we’re patient with the people we encounter throughout our day, we send them respect and we’re relieving ourselves of stress – yay!

Day 4:  Just for today, forgive someone/let something you’ve been holding onto go – drop the baggage.  This is a donation of energy (maybe more like a return of energy).  When we have grudges, we are actually connecting energetic cords to the person/experience/situation.  We connect, and then we send energy to it – even subconsciously.  It’s why we get a weird physical reaction such as a heart flutter when we even think of the grudge we have.  This act of forgiving cuts the cord and returns our energy to us, while simultaneously freeing the object of the grudge.  It releases any blockages that were created and we’re able to heal.  So, go ahead, forgive and free today.

Day 5:  Just for today, compliment as many people as you can.  This is a donation of energy, and what positive energy it is!  It doesn’t have to be outside of our comfort zones.  We walk past people almost every day and we all know what a compliment does to our confidence and energy.  If you like someone’s bracelet, tell them – if you saw them do a good deed, tell them you appreciate people like them.  Look for opportunities to compliment people.  It’s a donation of positivity and we receive the heartwarming feeling of making someone (or multiple people!) smile today.

Day 6:  Just for today, donate a comfortable amount of money to a local charity or non-profit you admire.  This is a donation of money, which is actually energy in itself.  For everything, there must be an exchange and our exchange here is our money to be used as energy in creating a better world.  What a beautiful exchange.  We may not have the chance today to feed animals at local shelters or build homes or the less fortunate, but with our donation we can still make a difference, whatever size it may be.

Day 7:  Just for today, share a special and positive moment with someone.  This is a donation of time and energy.  Our energy and time are valuable and when we sincerely give something valued like that, we are sending out positive energy into the Universe. Read a book with your child tonight at bedtime, call up a special person in your life to catch up and let them know how much you appreciate them, be the person who holds the door open for the elderly cane-user – whatever you choose to do, put your whole heart into making it genuinely good.  Odds are we are going to make someone’s day while at the same time, adding a great memory to our life’s movie.

“While we do our good works let us not forget that the real solution lies in a world in which charity will have become unnecessary.”  ― Chinua Achebe

7 Days to Life: Following Your Heart



I’m sad to say this will be my last day healing and reading with the Center in Sedona, Arizona. I’m parting ways to honor my heart and pursue what it wants now, even if the path isn’t yet fully illuminated.  I can’t express enough how very true it really is that the Universe supports those that support their authentic passions.  Leaps of faith turn into leaps of empowerment and amazement; the things you thought would just be dreams become reality; life becomes everything you’ve wanted and more.  All it takes is belief in yourself and action from your heart.
Thank you all for reading and I hope you make all your dreams come true.  Namaste.

This week we have seven activities to help us listen to and follow our hearts more, in turn manifesting our hopes and dreams.

Day 1:  Just for today, refresh yourself on what you don’t want in your life.  Many say that knowing what you don’t want doesn’t get you closer to what you do want.  In this case, you’ll be sorting through and organizing your mind to become aware of what’s really in your life.  Make a list of things you already have in your life that you wish wouldn’t be there along with anything that you know wouldn’t be included in your “dream life.” Be honest with yourself and don’t hold back – you’re on your way to making the life you really want!

Day 2:  Just for today, meditate on what you do want in your life.  You know what you don’t want, now allow yourself the time to think of what you really want.  Again, be honest and don’t hold back.  So many people say “I know what I don’t want, I just don’t know what I want” and I feel that deep down, they really do know what they want, they just won’t allow themselves to accept those dreams because they believe they’ll never happen.  This is your life, and it’s the only one you have during this amazing, transformational time on Earth – dream big!  When you dream as big as you possibly can, you’re sure to land something bigger than you could have if you settled for anything smaller.

Day 3:  Just for today, repeat positive and transforming affirmations.  Such affirmations can be “I am changing my life,” “I honor the feelings in my heart,” “I can make anything I want happen,” etc.  Look up some on the Internet, make up your own, go off what you’re guided to do.  You can say them in your heart, speak them aloud, write them, sing them, paint them, pray them to your guides, whatever you want – the important thing here is that you are telling the Universe over and over again that you are ready for change and you’re going to work with it to make it happen.

Day 4:  Just for today, do some research.  Look for social media posts, blogs, magazine articles, documentaries, etc. that show others “going big” instead of “going home.”  These people are sure to inspire you to spark the flame of confidence in your passions and in your abilities to pursue them.  We are on Earth for a hundred or so years at the most.  That means we have almost a hundred years to live our dreams.  Your dreams begin when you decide to follow your heart and trust that the Universe will be behind you encouraging you along the way.  Be inspired by what you find and let that inspiration motivate you to become one of those inspiring people who change the world by living from their hearts.

Day 5:  Just for today, don’t question the feelings in your heart – acknowledge and accept them.  We question ourselves whether what we feel is right when we should be honoring how we feel. We question if it is the smartest thing to do without realizing our hearts know what we want and it’s our mind who creates that doubt. We question the possible outcomes of our actions as if we can somehow prepare ourselves for worst-case-scenario when our hearts know our truths.  Following our hearts is primal and yet we question if we can survive in doing so. Every day is an opportunity to change this – and when we change which functionality we choose to live from, we change our lives. When we become the master of our lives, we have our own backs. And when we have our own backs, the Universe has our backs in ways we can’t imagine.

Day 6:  Just for today, honor yourself and do one thing your heart wants.  Whether it’s anything from reading a few chapters of a book in silence to climbing the mountain you’ve wanted to conquer for a while – do it! Do everything it says for that is your authenticity, your truth, your purpose in this life. Learn to trust your heart; it only mirrors your hopes and dreams – and why not follow your hopes and dreams? Logic comes in and says “It won’t work,” “We won’t benefit from it,” etc. and we silence our hearts.  Today, you will honor yourself and do just one thing your heart says. When you feel how amazing it is and see how the Universe has your back when you have your own back.  You’ll wonder why you didn’t do it before today. Bonus:  keep doing what your heart wants every day!

Day 7:  Just for today, look up manifesting practices and try some out.  You are a true and divine co-creator in your life – awake in yourself the power to follow your heart and make the changes you hope for in life. There are many different practices you can find online and go with whatever you feel works for you; the basis is intention and visualization.  I highly recommend “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Paramahansa Yogananda to truly understand the laws of the Universe, including manifestation, and life in general.  You can find free copies online to read and in the chapter titled “The Laws of Miracles” (Chapter 30), Yogananda explains how yogis use a method that science has proven to manifest anything.  As you practice manifesting, you will enhance your capabilities to make the dreams in your heart come true.

“I have not always chosen the safest path. I’ve made my mistakes, plenty of them. I sometimes jump too soon and fail to appreciate the consequences. But I’ve learned something important along the way: I’ve learned to heed the call of my heart. I’ve learned that the safest path is not always the best path and I’ve learned that the voice of fear is not always to be trusted.” – Steve Goodier

7 Days to Life: Confidence



In this “7 Days to Life” Series, we will be adding little practices into our every day lives that will help us grow to our best heights yet. By incorporating an action into each day of our week, we will become more aware of the true presence of each week’s theme in our lives.

This Series is here to help teach us how we can change our lives by focusing on doing just one thing a day. Don’t worry about carrying one day’s activity to the next. Eventually, we will naturally begin to add these practices into the rest of our lives (the “Life” part in “7 Days to Life”). The goal here is to concentrate on the phrase “Just for today…” Staying in the mindset that we only have to focus on the present day will help us learn that the only day we truly have to change our lives is today.

This week we have seven activities to help us be more confident, in turn empowering ourselves and changing our entire lives.

Day 1:  Just for today, write down positive affirmations about yourself.  Take a piece of paper and draw a vertical line down the middle of the page.  One side of the page is going to be your affirmations; the other side will be where you write your ego’s doubts and fears.  Begin with the affirmation “I AM confident.”  Once you write that on the affirmation side, write down your ego’s response.  It might say something like “Oh, boy am I NOT confident” or “I’m working on my confidence.”  Whatever it is, be open and honest with yourself.  After writing your response, re-write the “I am confident” affirmation until you believe it to be true.  By writing both sides of the situation down, you see both perspectives in a lighter way.  You will eventually work yourself out of the dark forest of insecurity and fear and into a brighter place.  Once you feel more confident than you did when you started, move along to writing other affirmations such as “I am kind, beautiful, and loveable” or “I am able to conquer the world” – whatever you feel you wish to affirm – and write down your ego’s response.  Write the affirmation until you believe it to be true.


Day 2:  Just for today, do something you truly love to do.  Paint, sing, dance, go for a hike…do whatever lights up your heart.  When we do something we are passionate about, our confidence skyrockets.  We are in our domain, where we perform best.  When you are doing whatever you love to do, notice how you feel.  Are you happy?  Accomplished?  Proud?  Honored?  Everything you feel when you’re living your passion adds up to your confidence in doing it.  Remember, there are things you can easily do that others find scary or impossible.  You are more confident than you know and when you believe in yourself, you shine brighter than you could ever imagine.


Day 3:  Just for today, ask yourself what makes you feel vulnerable.  Is there any way you can change or accept that?  One example might be kindness.  People are quick to think that kindness is often weakness, making them vulnerable.  But, it’s not – it’s actually the exact opposite.  If this is the case for you, accept your kindness as a strength because it’s usually easier for people to disconnect from their emotions whereas kindness if packed full of them; it takes courage and patience to be kind.  Write down a list of your “weaknesses” and see if there is anything on your list that you have mistaken for not being one of the best things about you.  You will reveal to yourself just how strong and empowered you actually are.


Day 4:  Just for today, stop comparing yourself to other people and situations.  Tallying yourself up against someone else isn’t going to get you anywhere near completion or confidence.  When you compare, you’re switching your focus from yourself to external forces that are beyond your control.  There is nothing like you in the Universe – there never has been and there never will be anything like you.  Own who you are and remind yourself of how uniquely important you are to the greater picture of all that is.  You have your special path and purpose and so does everyone else.  We are all here to do the best that we can, in the best ways that only we can.  And you live your path and purpose so well!


Day 5:  Just for today, reflect upon a time that you stepped completely out of your comfort zone.  Did the worst case scenario actually happen?  Were all of the anxiety and rushes of fear worth it in the end?  As the great Tom Petty has said, “Most things I worry about never happen anyway.”  Look at all of the feelings leading up to stepping outside of your comfort zone.  Then compare them to the feelings that you felt afterwards.  Be proud of yourself for really going for it and putting the anxiety and fear to shame!  Your experience is just one of many you can have to help you move towards more confidence.


Day 6:  Just for today, meditate and ask your angels and guides to instill more confidence in you.  Get yourself settled into a nice, relaxed position and open yourself to receiving.  Don’t hold any attachments to the outcome of the meditation – just let things flow.  Kindly request your angels and guides to send you all of the colored rays of light you could possibly need to build your confidence.  Begin by inhaling confidence and exhaling doubt, fear, insecurity, etc.  Imagine a pillar of sparkling light coming through the top of your head filling every cell of your body.  Have faith in knowing that your angels and guides are helping you and sending you the energy you need.  Once you feel more relaxed, confident, and calm, thank your support team for all of their help.


Day 7:  Just for today, do one thing you normally wouldn’t do in your comfort zone.  Don’t just go and do it with doubt in the back of your head; amp yourself up.  Give yourself a pep-talk, play some upbeat or inspirational music, and don’t forget to ask your angels and guides for help.  Whatever you feel like you always wish you could do but fear or doubt has put it aside – go do it! What better time is there than the present moment – the only time we truly have to do anything we want? When you do what you think you can’t, the voice that says you couldn’t loses its authority.  Also, most of the time when we do something that scares us, we don’t give ourselves the credit for doing it.  Let yourself feel proud and humbled by your renewed confidence in yourself! This is you. This is your life. You’ve made it this far and have done so much so well.  You can be the one to make your life anything you have ever dreamt of!


“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to be?” – Marianne Williamson

7 Days to Life: Mental Wellness

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In this “7 Days to Life” Series, we will be adding little practices into our every day lives that will help us grow to our best heights yet. By incorporating an action into each day of our week, we will become more aware of the true presence of each week’s theme in our lives.

This Series is here to help teach us how we can change our lives by focusing on doing just one thing a day. Don’t worry about carrying one day’s activity to the next. Eventually, we will naturally begin to add these practices into the rest of our lives (the “Life” part in “7 Days to Life”). The goal here is to concentrate on the phrase “Just for today…” Staying in the mindset that we only have to focus on the present day will help us learn that the only day we truly have to change our lives is today.

This week we have seven activities to help improve our mental wellness, in turn creating a space inside of ourselves that is balanced and healthy.

Day 1:  Just for today, incorporate awareness of your breath into everything you normally do.  By noticing your breathing – are you holding your breath at all? – and being mindful of your breath throughout the day, you are able to connect with your body on a deeper level.  Our bodies help us to become aware of what’s going on in the inside.  When we are in a constant flow of mindful inhalation and exhalation, we are more in the flow of life, as well as having more life-force energy in us.  When we are holding our breath or restricting our bodies to short inhalations and exhalations, we know that there is something in our minds that is restricting us.  Becoming aware of your breath will give you that “inside information” you need to maintain mental wellness.

Day 2:  Just for today, don’t avoid any of your emotions.  Fully accept your feelings and let yourself feel them completely.  So often do we feel something, and then either shove it down deep into our minds or move our attention elsewhere.  It’s so important to face how we feel in order to heal and recover.  But, do keep in mind that we are not our emotions, we only feel them.  Be sure to feel the emotions and when you have felt all they have to offer, detach from them and let them pass.  This will help maintain mental wellness by releasing any “clogged” emotions; it also helps our minds by being aware of what’s really going on inside and being able to overcome any of it – how empowering!

Day 3:  Just for today, read some positive quotes and share your favorite one with someone.  Reading thoughts of higher vibrations lifts our energy and gets us outside of our perspective which is always beneficial for our mental wellness.  We all know at least one person who could benefit from it in the same way, so sending a quick text or posting on social media the quote that really helped you is a small but influential way of spreading positivity.  When we share positive energy, more positive energy comes to us!

Day 4:  Just for today, don’t compare or judge yourself based on others.  To remember that we are all unique, all different, and all having our special paths, we increase our mental wellness in such an amazing way.  We free ourselves to be who we truly are when we realize that comparisons are just another way that our ego masters us.  When we focus more on our authenticity and less on judging ourselves, we open ourselves up to who we truly are:  the soul who can help the world in their own great way.  How can it get any better?

Day 5:  Just for today, don’t gossip, lie, or use any harsh language.  What good are we doing for ourselves if we are talking about others, blocking our truths with lies, or vocally contributing to any negativity in the world?  Actually, what good are we doing for our whole world if we do any of that?  Our mental wellness depends upon multiple factors, but a very important one is what/how we speak.  When we say something, it means our mind has registered the thought, created that vibration, and then we speak it which amplifies the energy surrounding our thought.  Keeping our words focused on positivity, love, compassion, light, truth, etc. helps to raise our vibration creating healthier minds.

Day 6:  Just for today, learn something new.  Read an article on an interested topic, try a new hobby, talk to someone you’ve never met before (“strangers” have such a way of teaching us things!), cook something new, etc.  Broadening our wisdom promotes mental wellness, among so many other things.  Learning creates new pathways of thinking for us, so who knows how you can change your life just by learning!

Day 7:  Just for today, try some yoga.  If you think yoga itself is “overrated” or “too mainstream,” just call it stretching or whatever label your ego feels comfortable with (no, really…some people don’t do it just because of their judgments on it when it can be so beneficial!). Incorporate the practice of mindful breathing from Day 1.  Be aware of how your body feels when you are stretching – having that mind-body connection can really change the game for us.  If any thoughts pop into your head, use the flow of the sequences to work your way out of them.  Yoga changes the chemistry of our bodies in a way that promotes balance and wellness on multiple levels.  I can’t stress this practice enough for mental wellness.

“What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality.” – Plutarch

7 Days to Life: Zen



In this “7 Days to Life” Series, we will be adding little practices into our every day lives that will help us grow to our best heights yet. By incorporating an action into each day of our week, we will become more aware of the true presence of each week’s theme in our lives.

This Series is here to help teach us how we can change our lives by focusing on doing just one thing a day. Don’t worry about carrying one day’s activity to the next. Eventually, we will naturally begin to add these practices into the rest of our lives (the “Life” part in “7 Days to Life”).

The goal here is to concentrate on the phrase “Just for today…” Staying in the mindset that we only have to focus on the present day will help us learn that the only day we truly have to change our lives is today.

This week we have seven activities to help us become more zen, in turn helping us to detach from situations and outcomes and allowing what will be to be and what will come to come.

Day 1: Just for today, declutter your life (home, relationships, work environment, etc.). Release things, situations, or people that no longer make you feel the best that you possibly can. When we remove something that’s only taking up space, we make room for something that can truly help us.

Day 2: Just for today, give yourself some extra time cleansing your energy near water. Sit by a creek, drink more water than you normally do, take a bath, or even just spend a few extra minutes in the shower. Water cleanses the energies attached to us from the day, so adding more water into our day will help us to detach, relax, and return to balance. Bonus: Add some Kosher Salt (must be Kosher!) to your bath or shower. You can find it in the spice aisle in the grocery store. Kosher Salt is the most energetically cleansing salt, so adding this with water will be a double-whammy to detach from the energies of the day!

Day 3: Just for today, donate something: old clothes, money, time, etc. Learn that all of life comes and goes. Realize that what we once loved and cherished has served us well, and we can now part with it in order to allow it to serve others well.

Day 4: Just for today, release ALL expectations! My husband loves to say, “No expectations, no disappointments!” and he couldn’t be more correct. When we are attached to outcomes, we are sending our energy to it instead of letting the Universe give it its energy and send it to us in divine and perfect timing and ways. Detaching from outcomes will not only let you observe from a higher perspective, but it will also allow you to receive that which you are meant to receive.

Day 5: Just for today, clean a room of your house (or the whole home) – but instead of making it a chore, try to see its therapeutic attributes. Help yourself feel good about your environment and realize the control you have in that enjoyment. When you clean, you are washing away the old and putting new energies in the home. Knowing this can help us see the cycles of our lives which helps to remove any attachments, allowing us to see the bigger picture. An excellent practice to use at home is regularly (and safely) burning or diffusing sage, cedarwood, or any other energetically cleansing herbs or oils. Not only will you be cleaning your air from bacteria and other microscopic energies, but you’ll also be cleansing the environment from any lingering energies from past arguments, traumatic events, etc. This will help the energies in your physical body feel more balanced and back to “you”.

Day 6: Just for today, shift your perspective in one situation. If you’re stressed, angry, anxious, whatever – detach from it and look at the situation from the outside. Ask yourself “If someone I loved dearly was in this situation, what honest advice would I give them?” When you see things through this perspective, you’re able to detach from your emotions and everything else you have invested in the situation and give true assistance to yourself.

Day 7: Just for today, meditate. You don’t have to light incense and candles, hold crystals in both hands, and chant mantras – although those things help, too! Find your own way of settling down and entering a state of zen (non-attachment). This could mean lying in bed for a few extra minutes in the morning, or it could mean taking the time to do a hobby such as painting or playing music. Whatever allows you to center yourself and detach from the thoughts in your mind. Realize that you are now becoming not what you think, but the observer of what you think. Allow yourself this time to observe. If thoughts pop up, greet them and feel them. Process the information you are thinking from a detached and higher perspective and, ultimately, find your way to an enlightened end of the thoughts. This will help you tremendously to detach from situations and outcomes and let life unfold as it may.

“If you just sit and observe, you will see how restless your mind is. If you try to calm it, it only makes it worse, but over time it does calm, and when it does, there’s room to hear more subtle things – that’s when your intuition starts to blossom and you start to see things more clearly and be in the present more. Your mind just slows down, and you see a tremendous expanse in the moment. You see so much more than you could see before. It’s a discipline; you have to practice it.”
– Walter Isaacson, Steve Jobs

7 Days to Life: Gratitude


In this “7 Days to Life” Series, we will be adding little practices into our every day lives that will help us grow to our best heights yet. By incorporating an action into each day of our week, we will become more aware of the true presence of each week’s theme in our lives.

This Series is here to help teach us how we can change our lives by focusing on doing just one thing a day. Don’t worry about carrying one day’s activity to the next. Eventually, we will naturally begin to add these practices into the rest of our lives (the “Life” part in “7 Days to Life”). The goal here is to concentrate on the phrase “Just for today…” Staying in the mindset that we only have to focus on the present day will help us learn that the only day we truly have to change our lives is today.

This week we have seven activities to help us be more grateful in turn, appreciating the precious life we have.

Day 1: Just for today, write down ten things you’re authentically grateful for. After you’ve written your list, really read it. Meditate on it. Do you have experiences on the list? Friends and family? Material things? If today you catch yourself wishing for something you don’t have, re-read your list and be thankful for how much you already do have.

Day 2: Just for today, post a picture of a person, experience, or thing you’re grateful for on social media.  Reflect on that time, or person, or thing and let your friends and family know how much gratitude you have for your life. You’ll probably end up inspiring them to do the same!

Day 3: Just for today, share something you’re thankful for with someone else. Chances are if you’re grateful for something, someone else would be thankful for it too. Buy a cup of coffee for a co-worker, donate what money you can to a local charity, lend a listening ear to a friend. You will light up everyone’s heart and soul that’s involved and may even notice how many people can be thankful for you.

Day 4: Just for today, become aware of how much gratitude is in this beautiful world. Observe the little things in life. Notice how often you hear “Thank You” today.

Day 5: Just for today, practice a gratitude affirmation. One example is “I AM grateful for all the joy, love, and abundance I have in my life.”  Say it quietly in your mind as often as you can remember today.

Day 6: Just for today, say “Thank You” to someone who isn’t close to you. Thank a cashier, a waitress, or even a customer service rep. you encounter today. People help you more than you might realize, and your gratitude can light up their day.

Day 7: Just for today, pray and meditate on your gratitude. Thank the Universe, God, your angels and guides, whoever you want; thank them for all they’ve done for you so far. Bonus points for naming specific things!

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend.” – Melody Beatti