Vienna Holistic Fair

If you’re in the Ohio Valley on October 7, come check out the Angel Lotus Holistic and Psychic Fair in Vienna, WV ✌️💓🌟

For more info or to register as a vendor or reader, please email or (or message me through here). Admission is only $3 and vendor space is $35 ⚡️🌷💫

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New Beginnings

So stoked to say that I’ll be teaming up with my friend, mentor, and teacher Maryann to create our series of fairs with amazing, soulful vendors and readers 🙌🦋⚡️

These fairs provide communities with a space to find natural and spiritual ways of living. Visitors will find locally handmade jewelry, natural products for the body and home, crystals in a variety of forms, different healing modalities such as sound therapy, Reiki, and Access Bars®, a group of experienced and respected psychic readers to schedule a reading with, free lectures every hour (including an interactive Access Bars® demo), and more.

If you’re an artist, crafter, healer, spiritualist, etc. and would like to be a vendor, please contact Maryann at Angel Wolf Wellness or message me through here – we would be honored to work with you! 🙏✨

Feel free to share!

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Welcome, Change

Let's be humble: We aren't always the good people we think we are. But, we all have a choice of how we will be (think, feel, act, believe, etc.), and do we really always choose to be what we think the world needs?
The world needs compassion, but do we practice being a compassionate person? What I'm asking is, is there a standard we feel should exist in the world that we don't live up to as individuals?
It's a rhetorical question for some of us, a validation for others. Which one are you? And if you don't like your honest answer to yourself, will you change it today, right now?
What I believe the world needs will be different than what you think the world needs, but they're both awesome. And since it's literally impossible for the world to have too many awesome people, there's no reason to not live up to our own standards for the world.
We will begin to see many people changing into one of the best versions of themselves yet, and the Solar Eclipse/New Moon will help them do this a lot less effortlessly than it sounds. Become aware and see how you're growing to the Top 🍀🌐⚡️
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Love through the Hate

Join in on the positive side of it all instead of dwelling in the same negative situation thinking you're creating some beautiful change (because you're not, it's physics). Would you go to the grocery store and buy everything that's not on your list?
It really is as simple as it sounds. Don't give energy to something you're against, give it to something you're for. You can't tip the scales until you move to the other side, the side you actually support. Only then can you create the change. Support the change instead of the cause of the change. There is something bigger happening – can you see it and move towards it?
These words are expressed in a time when the United States is in an uproar of hate. People are dying and being beaten either because they support or deny hatred, not realizing there is a complete opposite side to the situation. Where is the love in all of this? How are majority of people trying to actually balance it out? When will the People rise up above hating everyone and try something else?
I suppose it will be when they start to see love, so let's be an example of what we want instead of what we don't want.
Let us remember that we can all be the love we need, and the love the world needs. Let us remember the power we have to either work against or for change. Let us remember where we really stand inside instead of where others tell us to stand.
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How has August been treating you so far?
Really hope you're enjoying the ride! 🍀
I continue further into this fractal effortlessly making myself at home in presence itself. There aren't very many words that can translate these past couple of weeks for me other than that I've been in a state of observation and absorption without relay. Not sure when I'll return to writing, but for now "So It Is."
Wishing everyone empowerment and inspiration to reach for their own stars 💫🌻⚡️
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Celebrate Good Times

Holy change has August been amazing so far! I spent the last weekend of July watching my sensei teach a class in her own unique, wise way and enjoying some awesome quality time with family. I've been taking a pretty hardcore break from social media and technology to soak up all these amazing vibes and ground them down – it's just been too good to not stop and smell the roses 🌹
How powerful it all has been – and it's just the beginning!
How are you starting to see changes in your life? Are doors opening that you didn't even know existed? Remember to trust that it's all coming together better than you could have ever imagined, and you have the power to make it all happen 💜🌸⚡️ #lifeisbeautiful #enjoylife #changeisgood #grounding #goodvibes #kennywood #relaxation #growtothetop #thedirtylotus

Sacred Space

Every time I use my Goddess cards, Nemetona always comes up 🌛🌝🌜
Creating sacred spaces is one of my favorite things to do, so when I take the time to wholeheartedly set up my meditation and see this card I know I'm ready to settle in and begin.
Here are some options to set up a sacred space for meditation: • crystal grid for love, peace, protection, etc. and other crystal buddies to help the process
• light some candles (match their color with your intention as a bonus – for example, green for healing or purple for intuition)
• use some cards to guide you through your work
• play some music or a meditation video
• grab a blanket and pillow to cushion and comfort yourself • get into a comfy position (seated or lying) and envision soft colored light around you
How do you get settled into your soulful sessions? Do you do anything special for your meditations?
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Grow to the Top

"Grow to the Top" is my mantra for The Dirty Lotus because in those four words, we're reminded of our life's transformation from terrestrial birth to beaming enlightenment.
We don't get there overnight, but rather take lifetimes to continue growing up and up.
But, this lifetime is different – for all of us. This lifetime is all about releasing what's been holding us back from growing to our best heights yet. This lifetime is when we can truly transform, and transform together.
Sure, some of us will choose to stay where they are now, but some of us – a lot of us – are choosing to push forward.
The Top is enlightenment: knowing where you came from, why you're here, everything you're connected to, seeing the higher perspectives in all things, etc. Most of us have this goal deep in our hearts and souls whether we are conscious of them or not. It's why you might want more out of life, why you might be attracted to things that make you feel more connected with All That Is, why you might have this longing for something you don't know while you don't know why.
We all begin life just as a lotus: a seed in mud. It is our soul's absolute desire to grow from the mud, and break through to the Top. But, because we are all connected and everything is One, we are the seed, the mud, the water, the petals on our flowers, and more. We are a dirty lotus because we are the point of creation and beyond. And we can all Grow to the Top together 💜🌻 #soulgrowth #liveyourtruth #pushforward #beallyouare #enlightenment #unity #lotus #lifeisbeautiful #UNIverse #growtothetop #thedirtylotus

Rainbow Sun

Look at those rainbow colors, almost invisible to the eye on any other given occasion 🌈✨
Thanks to photo editing programs, we can see just how much light we receive every day. Light can be translated into information, or data, that can effortlessly transform ourselves and our world.
ThoughtCo. provides a quick summary of each color of light and the data it carries:
"Blue (representing power, protection, faith, courage, and strength)
Yellow (representing wisdom for decisions)
Pink (representing love and peace)
White (representing the purity and harmony of holiness)
Green (representing healing and prosperity)
Red (representing wise service)
Purple (representing mercy and transformation)."
What color stands out to you the most in this image? Does it's correlated data relate to you and your life in the present moment?
#rainbow #sunlight #divinedata #sunset #seetheunseen #lightuptheworld #soakupthesun #growtothetop #thedirtylotus

Surprise Gifts

Exuding joy and gratitude for having amazing Reiki students (let's face it, they're more than students and more like friends and family)!🌟🌊
Yesterday I received an unexpected package in the mail from my first two students. Every time I unwrapped something from the box, I had the thought "Oh my gosh! They know me so well – I love it!" I totally felt like a kid on Christmas 🤗
A beautiful Rumi quote angel card with the kindest words, a grounding septarian nodule egg, a striking Ganesha agate slice necklace, a perfectly-timed Shattuckite crystal, a super unique Goniatite/Orthoceras spiral plate from the Devonian Period (350 million years old!), and lovely natural hair and lip oils! Such a love-filled gift from love-filled souls 🍀
Thank you again @esotericwitcheswishes and @strand_k – you are so freaking rad and I'm so honored to work with you! 💜 🙌🌈🌼
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