First Fairy Home

Put a small fairy house in our garden a few days ago and cleared a bit of the area around it. It’s already covered by clover and these little pink flowers are starting to pop up all around it now 💕 I haven’t researched fairies or met anyone that works with them, but I’m starting to feel a connection. 

My interest is increasing more than ever and their light-feeling energy is so cleansing! 

Does anyone have any references?

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It turns out living minimally in a camper for seven months reprograms your mind into really liking minimalism. We’re not attached to wanting everything we used to have hung up, displayed, collecting dust – but that definitely doesn’t include the first wedding present we received a couple years ago 💛This one-off piece of metal art from Columbus artist @macworthington will always be showcased in our home ⭐️ It’s pretty often that I catch myself pausing my day and observing it, finding new meanings and inspirations from it every time. 

If you’re ever around Columbus, Ohio Mac’s galleries are always a cool place to check out ✌️

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Ziggy & Daisy


Last week we rescued two kittens and like every other living thing, they came with their own lessons to teach and learn.
Specifically, they had some issues with their eyes when we got them, and I had no idea how deep my empathy ran with animals until I spent the first night with them sharing their pain. I knew they were telling me where they were hurt, but when I went to ask permission to use some healing energy I was denied. So instead I sent love and played and played with them! A week later and their eyes have healed on their own 🙏These tiny little kittens have already taught me that we don’t always have to try to help and heal, but that sometimes it helps in big ways just to be present and have fun while the healing takes place in its own graceful way – and what miracles we can see by simply observing 💜✨
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Angel Wolf Wellness Fair

vienna fair.PNG


Being a small part at Angel Wolf Wellness’ holistic fair in Vienna, WV was such a huge blessing for me. I’ve done a few fairs in the past, but this one was so special.
Our Sensei opened up this beautiful shop a while ago and has filled it with the most loving vibrations.
With all the beautiful vendors that day, it was hard to not catch yourself smiling in gratitude for the now.
If you’re in the Mid-Ohio Valley/surrounding area and looking for crystals, unique and super cool natural body products, meditation kits, locally handmade jewelry, and some healing (among other things), Angel Wolf Wellness can definitely help you!
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Crystal Healing Grid



Impromptu healing grid for some successful karmic releasing 🦋🌷
It’s been so crazy lately hasn’t it? The waters are calming down and we’re starting to see where to move through this step in life.
It’s not exactly what you anticipated, but yet it feels so right. In fact, it feels so right that it feels completely normal. And that’s a blessing in itself isn’t it?
We saw this big change coming and hoped it was going to be great, and it so divinely is! Nothing was as horrible as our worst case scenario and we believe in ourselves enough to know we can do this.
Sending you all good vibes for smooth sailing from here on out 🍀
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Portable Selenite Lamp ✨It’s not really a “thing,” just a battery operated clicky light underneath my Selenite Tower but it works perfectly on a little shelf nowhere near an outlet. 

Selenite lamps are good for: •cleansing auras & clears blockages in energy fields •amplifies anything it’s near (here it’s a couple of pieces of rose quartz) •most powerful clearing crystal for upper chakras •opens, balances, and activates chakras •cuts unhealthy cords in etheric body 

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Vienna Holistic Fair 

If you’re into spiritual gatherings, healing, education, and guidance and live near Vienna, WV, be sure to come check out the Holistic Fair at Angel Wolf Wellness 🌲🍀🌞

I’ll be there balancing chakras, cleansing auras, cutting energetic cords, and facilitating Access Bars® sessions. There will be plenty of beautiful souls to connect with, as well as crystals, jewelry, natural body products, etc. 🙏🌈🌙

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I woke up at five this morning and heard “Watch the sunrise!” ring in my head. I’m not usually the most enthusiastic morning person, but I got out of bed and watched a documentary to keep myself awake until daylight broke. When it did, I wrapped myself in a blanket, walked outside and waited. 

All these thoughts ran through my head, completely synchronized to the sunrise. “It’s blue skies before the sun even rises,” “The sun will come whether you’re patient or not,” “There is so much to enjoy while waiting,” “You don’t have to keep your eyes on the prize, just be present for its arrival.” Fog swept over the horizon and I couldn’t see when the sun actually rose, but it did regardless if I could see it or not. And then I realized that was the whole reason I was watching it all happen. 

There are no choices to make – you have already chosen and shown the Universe what you want (for the most part, so ask away for the details). Daylight is breaking and the sun is coming – there is nothing left to do but enjoy the moments before it arrives. 

Use this time to be aware of your transformation – show yourself how you are changing. Look at yourself, inside and out, and see how you’ve grown in the last year, last few months, last couple of days. 

These are days of light ahead and the absence of that light is over. See the same reflected in you 🦋🌈🌙

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New Moon in Gemini 2017

May this phase shift you towards your dreams & beyond 🦋
We’ve released so much that there is nothing left to do but transform. Anything not serving our highest good is leaving us and now, in the space where all of that was, is room for us to grow into our light. 

Sending you all love and blessings while we move into more of this heaven on earth 🌈🌙🕊

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Reiki I Classes

Reiki means “Universal Energy”. It’s a holistic healing method which uses Universal energy to heal the root issue of emotional, spiritual, and physical illnesses while restoring the body, mind, and spirit to balance. Reiki can release and remove energetic blockages and toxins from the body to allow for healing on all levels. Chakras are balanced and auras are cleansed while the body attains a healthier energetic level. This process is a cleansing on a deep level that will balance and detox the energies in your physical and energetic body to feel replenished and re-energized.


In June I’ll be facilitating Reiki I classes in the Wheeling, West Virginia area. If you’re in the area and are interested in a deeper spiritual lifestyle, would like to connect with positive vibes to transform your life, or want to pursue healing work for yourself and others, I would be honored to help you on your path 💙 

This course contains attunements to Reiki, allowing one to balance chakras, cleanse auras, and facilitate healing sessions for the self and others. It provides opportunities to cleanse and charge food, crystals, plants, etc. It also deepens the connection with your angels and spirit guides (along with other divine beings). For more info and to contact: 

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