The Reiki Precepts

Everyone can apply Usui Sensei’s Reiki Precepts to life 🙏💜🌈🌙Do Not Anger: Transmute that powerful energy into positive action. 

Do Not Worry: Trust that All Is Well and that the Universe supports you. 

Be Humble: Humility brings gratitude, which allows the Universe to send you what you need to continuously expand and grow. 

Be Honest in Your Work: Be brutally honest with yourself so you can chip away at anything that’s not your authentic self. 

Be Compassionate: Compassion is knowing what all of mankind is capable of. Help your self and others see the power that lies within. 

These Precepts lead to a peaceful life like the ancient sages 🕉🌻

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On Albert Einstein

One person can change the world, just look at history. The biggest fire of passion I have ever felt is connecting Einstein’s (and other great mind’s) theories and evidences to the spiritual. 

Albert Einstein proved so many things in his single lifetime (in fact, many things within a single year!) that he completely reshaped not only science, but how we can interpret a world we do not physically see everyday. I mean think about it: we didn’t know that even molecules truly existed until around 100 years ago when he pushed academia and commanded answers for the questions everyone was asking inside of themselves. He proved that time is not absolute, inspired us into fifth dimensional realities (4th dimension is time), and even proved the fifth dimension existed – ether, where so much of my life and every healer’s, intuitive’s, etc. life happens. 

We use Universal Light (Reiki) and other outlets of light to assist the world in whatever ways we can and those ways are usually beyond comprehension of the dimensions we know well. 

Einstein proved through his research of light that it

* rises above time and

* carries mass,

both of which are simple concepts to gurus, shamans, etc.

Light rises above time because it is beyond the fourth dimension, and it has mass because it carries the data/information/energetic downloads that transforms the world. 

His work evolved into proving that there was more about the Universe than anyone had previously recorded. He was divinely guided through his studies in order to move Earth forward to get ready for this very moment. 

And now that we’re here, what are you going to do? 

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Reiki I Classes

Reiki means “Universal Energy”. It’s a holistic healing method which uses Universal energy to heal the root issue of emotional, spiritual, and physical illnesses while restoring the body, mind, and spirit to balance. Reiki can release and remove energetic blockages and toxins from the body to allow for healing on all levels. Chakras are balanced and auras are cleansed while the body attains a healthier energetic level. This process is a cleansing on a deep level that will balance and detox the energies in your physical and energetic body to feel replenished and re-energized.


In June I’ll be facilitating Reiki I classes in the Wheeling, West Virginia area. If you’re in the area and are interested in a deeper spiritual lifestyle, would like to connect with positive vibes to transform your life, or want to pursue healing work for yourself and others, I would be honored to help you on your path 💙 

This course contains attunements to Reiki, allowing one to balance chakras, cleanse auras, and facilitate healing sessions for the self and others. It provides opportunities to cleanse and charge food, crystals, plants, etc. It also deepens the connection with your angels and spirit guides (along with other divine beings). For more info and to contact: 

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In a world full of billions of people, how many times have you felt alone or lonely?  How many times have you desperately needed help from a single person (a smile on a really bad day, help pushing your car off the road because you ran out of gas, etc.) but never received it despite the fact that you encountered at least 50 in one day?  On this Earth with so many people, how can this be?  Doesn’t it seem a bit silly? 
What has kept us divided and separated that we don’t even consider ourselves a part of the same group? We’re all so much more alike than different. Those wishes you have for the world – others have them too. Those fears you have about the future – others have them too.  You’ve been where someone else is right now – you know how they feel because you remember. Are you going to be for them what you needed, wished for, prayed for? 

Just for one day – and make it today – go out of your way a bit to make someone’s day. Be the one single person you’ve needed in the past. Without knowing it, you’ll create this ripple effect. What you put into the Universe returns to you: karma. 

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Raffle Time!

Here’s the Reiki Charged Self-Care Package I’ll be raffling off at the Sedona Psychic/Holistic Fair April 2nd 🌻

Come check out the fair and be sure to get a raffle ticket or two at The Dirty Lotus booth – a portion of the profits will go to Medicine Wheel Lodge Wolf Sanctuary 🌟
What the Self-Care Package ($50 value) contains:

White Sage – Burning white sage cleanses your sacred space and self spiritually and physically on all levels (clears positive and negative energy AND even eliminates bacteria in the air!)

Dragon’s Blood Incense & Incense Holder – Dragon’s Blood cleanses your space and self of negative energy and retains the positive energy. Perfect to keep your energy high and for daily use with it’s benefits and calming aroma 

Chakra Candle – Whether you choose to burn the candle or not, it holds the essence of the 7 main chakras which helps to balance your energy 

Authentic Navajo Dream Catcher – Keep the good dreams while filtering out and protecting you from the bad dreams. The dream catcher is cleansed and charged by the morning sun so it’s ready to work every night 

Om Bells – “Om” is the vibration of creation, giving you a powerful and divine symbol to use. These specific bells have a high vibration that clears negative energy and raises the frequency of the area with positivity. Shake in the corners of the room to give the area a cleanse and boost

Tiger Balm – Created in the 1870s by the Chinese Emperor’s herbalist, this Eastern Medicine balm is a “cure-all.” Great to keep on you, especially for any aches and pains!

Crystals – 8 included for you to use to balance your energies by placing them on your chakras for at least 10 minutes. Use the leather pouch included to store them and the sage to regularly cleanse (all crystals come cleansed and charged with Reiki):

• selenite (higher crown)

• clear quartz (crown)

• amethyst (third eye) 

• sodalite (throat)

• green aventurine (heart)

• golden tiger’s eye (solar plexus)

• goldstone (sacral)

• snowflake obsidian (root)

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Sand Cloud


Are you a beach lover?  Are you passionate about saving the ocean wildlife?  Sand Cloud is the perfect organization to make your impact in preserving over 225,000 species and our Earth’s largest environment:  the ocean.

Purchase super cool products and 10% of your order goes right to one of the non-profit organizations that Sand Cloud supports.  You can do your part in supporting our ocean life from helping marine mammals to preserving the health of our beaches and water.  Every single purchase helps the world, so you don’t have to feel too guilty about buying that adorable blanket, mandala, water bottle, and shirt!  (No, really – not only do they help awesome organizations, but their products are awesome too!)

For more information on Sand Cloud and their impact on the world, visit their website here.

Thank you – namaste!




Right now, Reach Out WorldWide – founded by Producer and Actor Paul Walker – could use your donation of time, money, or energy to help make the world a better place.  Their team of disaster responders and volunteers is wholeheartedly dedicated to helping those in need due to disaster situations recover and heal as quickly as possible.

They’ve assisted people who have lost everything in the Gatlinburg fires, Hurricane Matthew in Haiti, and the several floods in West Virginia, Louisiana, Texas, and South Carolina.  Their paths have led them to the earthquakes in Nepal, Chile, and Haiti, tornadoes in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Alabama, and Illinois, the flood in Colorado, Indonesia’s tsunami, and the typhoon in the Philippines and they were able to change the lives of thousands by lending helping hands.

They need you to help continue making a difference in the lives effected by disaster.  Just imagine where you would be if your life was turned upside in moments.and how appreciative you’d be to receive their help that’s supported by people just like you.

Make your own impact on the thousands of lives that ROWW is doing its best to relieve.  For more information, visit their website here and to donate, here’s their donation page.

Thank you!  Namaste.

Wolf Sanctuary

Here you will find ways you can make an impact on the world, including non-profits and charity causes to donate your time, energy, and/or money to.



Right now, the wolves at the Medicine Wheel Lodge Wolf Sanctuary in Rimrock, AZ  could greatly benefit from your generosity.


  1. Visit and play with the wolves at the Sanctuary (admission is by donation)
  2. Check them out online and make your tax-deductible donation through the website:  Medicine Wheel Lodge/Wolf Sanctuary

These four wolves require quite a bit to be taken care of and anything you can give will help them continue their mission to help people heal.

Healingwolf and her husband help so many people through the many services they offer at the Medicine Wheel Lodge, and the wolves – being healers themselves – are a big part in helping the world heal.

The land they live on is considered sacred with a medicine wheel that’s been there for over 100 years; the house was even once owned by the famous Wyatt Earp’s brother Morgan and Geronimo was known to lodge there! It’s a great opportunity to experience for yourself if you’re ever in the Verde Valley!

Thank you –  namaste!