The Reiki Precepts

Everyone can apply Usui Sensei’s Reiki Precepts to life 🙏💜🌈🌙Do Not Anger: Transmute that powerful energy into positive action. 

Do Not Worry: Trust that All Is Well and that the Universe supports you. 

Be Humble: Humility brings gratitude, which allows the Universe to send you what you need to continuously expand and grow. 

Be Honest in Your Work: Be brutally honest with yourself so you can chip away at anything that’s not your authentic self. 

Be Compassionate: Compassion is knowing what all of mankind is capable of. Help your self and others see the power that lies within. 

These Precepts lead to a peaceful life like the ancient sages 🕉🌻

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Himalayan Salt Lamps

salt lamps.PNG


Not only does Himalayan Salt have numerous nutritional values, but when warmed the healing properties amplify. Metaphysically, Himalayan Salt is grounding and balancing and it is known to improve the flow of your home while attracting abundance.
It’s perfect for every room in your home or office, so don’t feel like you over indulge purchasing a few! (Tip: Avoid costly prices at larger stores. You can easily find reasonable prices from other suppliers, and be sure to look around/support your local shops!) Here are some benefits: “1. Salt lamps are Natural Negative Ionizers: The heated salt crystal absorbs the water molecules from the ambient air and evaporates them, a process during which negative ions are released abundantly, creating a healthier, more balanced atmosphere.
2. Salt Lamps neutralize artificial electro-magnetic wavelengths produced by harmful electronic devices surrounding us that cause nervousness, insomnia and lack of concentration. They amplify the natural frequency of 8 to10 cycles per second in the human brain, which is the normal resonance synchronized with the resonant frequency of the planet’s electro-magnetic field (7.83 Hz or cycle per second) and stabilize alpha wave rhythms in our brain.
3. They are Natural Dehumidifiers: Salt is hygroscopic, naturally attracting moisture. It absorbs the excess humidity in any given room creating a dry environment, while killing bacteria and other microbes. Therefore, salt lamps help purify the ambient air, while eliminating bad odors in the process.
4. They beautify the surrounding as they create a relaxing atmosphere promoting stress reduction, better sleep and an overall sense of well being.” – in5d
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Clean Water

I can never stress enough the important of clean water 💦Dasani, Aquafina, and every other bottled purified water is pretty much just tap water. I’m not sure about you, but I’ve heard all my life “Is your water good to drink?” and if it’s coming from the city it probably isn’t. 

I won’t bore you with stats on the chemicals purified water contains, I’ll just stress one thing: Why drink something manipulated so much when you could add something pure and natural to your body? ✨It’s an energetic bonus for your body to bless your water (and everything else you consume) with some good vibes, Reiki, etc.✨ #springwater #mountaintobody #natural #cleanwater #healthyliving #holistictip #organic #growtothetop #thedirtylotus

See the Light



Optimism: hands down the best way to attract a flow of prosperity.
Focusing on the light that is in everything connects us to higher parts of ourselves. Doing this raises our vibration and the higher the vibe, the easier it is to check in with our divine support teams and ask for what we need.
This brings us a sense of freedom and peace, which brings fertility to anything you set out to be.
If you need some help seeing the blessings in everything, try using high vibrational music, essential oils, crystals, etc. that inspire positivity and increase the ability to listen to your guidance. Once you do begin seeing it all in a light way, it’ll be hard to see it any differently. How does it get better than that?
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Portable Selenite Lamp ✨It’s not really a “thing,” just a battery operated clicky light underneath my Selenite Tower but it works perfectly on a little shelf nowhere near an outlet. 

Selenite lamps are good for: •cleansing auras & clears blockages in energy fields •amplifies anything it’s near (here it’s a couple of pieces of rose quartz) •most powerful clearing crystal for upper chakras •opens, balances, and activates chakras •cuts unhealthy cords in etheric body 

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You know that feeling when you’re about to do something adventurous and time seems to slow down, you begin to notice the expansion of each breath, and you swear your heart’s beating through every cell in your body? It’s a moment of presence at its finest isn’t it?  

You ground yourself and start doing some breath work, deep breath in, cool breath out. And then you feel ready to jump, leap, climb, ride, conquer anything. You can center yourself with your breath even in the most crucial moments and you’ve notice the power it has every time you need it.  

Your body could use that cleansing and centering power every day, and it just starts with being aware of your breath. 

It can also be an additional tool in your journey. How you breathe can reflect what’s really going on inside. (Is your breath relaxed? Are you holding your breath?)

Becoming aware of yourself in different ways guarantees peace and love 💕✨

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Essential Oils

What oils do you use when you’re settling in to do some work? Essential oils – whether diffused, applied to the skin, consumed, etc. – can ease our path as we continue to grow on every level. They can inspire peace, passion, wisdom, confidence, and anything else you need at the moment. 

Not sure how to incorporate them more into your life? Try using diffuser necklaces, adding a few drops to your wrists as natural perfume, give your bath a boost with a few drops, or compliment your water with a drop of a refreshing (and edible) oil. There are endless possibilities with them and nothing beats something that can positively benefit you, especially when it’s natural! ✨💜

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Truly Growing

Until about two years ago, I didn’t have any true “spiritual” influence in my life and although it sometimes felt lonely, it only helped me grow inside even more. I couldn’t be more grateful for that experience in this lifetime. 

All too often we look to society to see how we should be, what we should do, what trends to follow, where to put our time and energy, etc. Right now, spirituality is on the rise – Amen 🙌 – but there are some vibes in the collective conscious that say some are misconceived thinking it is an external kind of shift. 

And that’s okay. It’s safe to say we’re all so relieved and warmhearted that it’s becoming the “it” thing! But it’s now the time to begin the true journey for everyone who has chosen to pursue it. 

That involves going inside, and it is literally the only way. Pretty exciting though right? 

My entire life I’ve had this whole inner world going on and didn’t really have opportunities other than meditation to expand on it. After my first year of college, I bailed on everything that tore me away from the truths I had inside of me. I stopped giving in to what I saw everyone else doing and decided to find out what I wanted to do. 

And boy is that isolating, even more than already having empathic and intuitive tendencies lol! 

But that led me to a series of transformations (inside, then out) that have thankfully brought enough self-awareness to get me here, surrounded by the most divine and wise connections I could ever dream of. 

If you’re trying to do your work (soul work) and your reference is anything external (not including the signs and guidance you get from that level), you’re not going to be doing much work because that’s not where your soul is. You have to allow yourself the time and space to expand inside, to make room and settle into who you are and begin exploring every depth you come across. You’ll begin to love yourself in new ways, therefore loving the world in new ways. And that LOVE is how the world changes 💗

You’re going to grow in your way, at your rate, in your own soul. The goal now is to do that, together, collectively, united, and beautifully free to do so with full compassion and integrity🌻#growtothetop

Totem Animals

Your totem animals represent your lifelong “themes”. They’re with you through each moment of your incarnation and will come to your side as soon as you call upon them (not to say that they aren’t with you when not called). Whether you’re going through stressful times, happy times, desperate times, or even just hanging out, they can help you. The lessons they represent and help you to learn are your big personal checkpoints. This means that when you learn what they each represent, you are able to move through situations in life while reminding yourself of what wisdom you can acquire from them. 

Everyone has their animals reveal themselves at their own time. On my journey, all seven (seven main ones, with spirit animals that come and go with lessons) came to me within a week of being attuned to first degree Reiki. Ever since then, I’ve never felt alone – and how powerful is that feeling? How blessed I feel for every experience with them! 

Animal buddies to help you through every step in life is the most graceful blessing. They come with innate respect, dedication, and honor and they are there for YOU. They give you the exact energy you need and every time you acknowledge them, you deepen your connection. 

Take some time today to strengthen your connection with your totem animals (we ALL have them!) as you continue to grow in this beautiful world 🙏🦋🦉🐺🐴🐍🐉 #spiritanimals #totemanimals #spiritguide #journey #lifelessons #soulgrowth #checkpoint #levelup #wolf #horse #ram #snake #butterfly #owl #hummingbird #namaste #gratitude #wisdom #growtothetop #thedirtylotus

Monthly Crystals

What crystals do you keep on you? Each month, I take my little bag that I keep on me at all times and fill it up with freshly charged crystals from the full moon. It’s such an easy way to keep up good vibes and help sail through lessons/checkpoints. 

I’ve realized that it’s really all about what you feel guided to have on you. More often than not when I go to switch out the crystals, I take out ones that directly relate to everything I went through within the last month. What’s easier than going with the flow? You’ll always be guided to the right things, people, and places 💜

Fun Tip: Did you know keeping a carnelian stone with your crystals keeps them cleansed? Although any cleansing method is a bonus! 

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