We all have endless opportunities every day, and with that possibility comes multiple choices to make. We essentially are communicating with the Universe right now to allow the flow of what we want to come to us. What comes into our life is dictated by what we think, feel, etc. and sometimes it’s a bit too easy to get distracted.  

So take a moment to ground yourself, come back to who you truly are, shake off anything that’s no longer serving your best interests, and start flowing in the directions of your true desires 🌲

Remember who you are, what you are capable of, how empowered your purpose is. Root yourself, connect, and grow to the top 🌻

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Easy Does It


At times your transformation will seem like a struggle, a fight against everything you’ve ever known. But it actually kind of is…and that’s the point isn’t it? It’s not something that happens to you, it’s something you make happen. Yes, planetary alignments, energetic downloads, lightworkers, healers of all kind, etc. assist in the process, but you’re doing so much work and with every inch of growth comes a more expansive level.
Today the angels are saying we all have room to shift our awareness to specific focuses in order to ease the process.
These focuses include listening (meditating), choosing peace in every moment, finding the blessing in everything, nurturing ourselves, and opening up to the love the universe is sending us. The angels say these are all actions that lead to positive changes, endless flow of prosperity, and a deeper intuitive connection.
Where you are on your path never has to be anything less than easy 🌲
The angels also provide advice about the breath. Get centered – surrender, breathe in and out – release, be present – allow ✨
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See the Light

Through times of change, it’s necessary to be filled with trust as we experience transformation. Faith is knowing that everything is happening in our best interests, knowing that we are guided and protected the entire way. That trust allows light to shine from within pretty brightly ✨
Look for that light in others and you will see how connected we all really are. This reality of Oneness allows us to tap into our creativity and wisdom, bringing us the courage and fortitude needed to feel peaceful through these life changes.
It all starts with having faith in the power of light 🌞🌈
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Life is an adventure. It’s similar to a game, and you must level up. In order to level up, you must be ready for the unexpected and make the most of every chance.

And that takes faith. Assure yourself of your faith in the Universe and know that much light is coming to you and surrounding you now.

You’re not alone in doing this either! Together, we’re aspiring to the great and glorious. Open your heart and see the connection between all of us 💜

Master your emotions – tame your ego – become aware of the bigger picture – join in on this revolution.

Walking a spiritual path is serious, but don’t forget it’s FUN 🌲✨ It’s all about what makes you light 🌞

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I received some divine guidance today saying that people could really benefit from realizing how powerful their voice and intentions are. We create our lives through our thoughts, feelings, etc. that determine our vibration. Depending on the power of that vibe, we can have a huge and positive impact on our lives 🌟
From now on, I’ll be sharing some positive affirmations for you to meditate on, apply to your day, or even just say aloud a couple of times and forget about. These affirmations will help empower and motivate you to be all you can be, which is always better than you can imagine 💙 Try it out and see how it can help you change your life.
… April 17, 2017 …

Don’t worry about making big decisions in your life right now. Deep down, you know how powerful your choice will be.

Release the false feelings of worrying about everything it may entail. Sit down and ask your angels to help you see everything clearly. Get into a good space where you’re not attached to any outcomes or expectations, and let yourself feel your way through the situation until you find your choice inside of you. Let go of doubts or fears, remind yourself of what you’re really made of, and follow through with the choice that makes you feel lighter, happier, relieved, and better.

Your choices create your life – feel empowered by this realization and make yourself a life to be excited about 🌈🌙

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Today the angels are saying we have work to do now, that is if we can take our eyes off the prized future and become present.

They emphasize three things: opening our hearts to love, welcoming the flow of prosperity, and becoming our fully authentic selves (coming out of whatever closet we put ourselves into). To open your heart to love, you first must know how being loved unconditionally feels. This is a bit contradictory to the usual “Love Yourself First,” but the unconditional love you learn from is the love for you from God/Goddess/Source/the Universe/etc. To know this love, the angels recommend yoga. Yoga means “divine communion,” so have your connection with God in whichever way feels the best to you! Tip: breath is a key factor in any yoga practice (whether it be meditation, practicing love, hatha, etc.). It brings us to center, cleanses us in and out, and reminds us how a single breath can be a blessing, but it also gets your awareness into a good space to connect. Your life has aspects that are still up in the air and remembering how truly and wholly loved you are will help you find the peace to move through this transition.

To welcome the flow of prosperity coming to you from the Universe, focus upon your strengths, balance your home and career life, and prioritize. Whatever you’re great at and love to do is what you need to be doing now. Fear is over and it all starts with saying no to demands on your time and energy so that you can find the balance you need. Find some time to really sort through your intentions and aspirations. Our old dreams are just that – outdated. We now have more opportunity than ever before, so don’t be afraid to fully pursue what you love to do. This alone will bring massively positive change into your life, and isn’t that what we all need?

Lastly, come out of your shell! Let go of any worries, doubts, fears, etc. for good and trust that you can be all of yourself! Be aware of how you’re transforming and allow yourself to continue to grow 🌲🌈

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You are exactly where you need to be right now. You know everything you are supposed to know, you have every skill you need to have, and all you have to focus on is cleaning house.

You’re growing every time you release something that is hindering your ability to grow. Go through your life and make sure you have everything you need, plus room for what you want.

You’re healing in divine timing. There is nothing else to do but to fully let go 🦋🌈🌙

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Guiding Others


All of you who have been doing your work so diligently are now called upon to guide others in their work in some way. And you know that this pertains to you or not because you either said “Hmm” or “Eh” reading that first sentence.

Think about it: there is not one of us who has grown without any helping hands.

It is time for us to take the next step, and for some this means to assume a leadership role and emit love as we touch lives with what wisdom we’ve acquired.

Maybe some of us are unsure of how to do that or where to start. It all starts with that nurturing we gave ourselves in the beginning. That energy and awareness we have had for a while now has become ingrained in our consciousness so much that we can spread it!

Some people see a journey as an open forest with no paths. Show them how to pay attention to the roots and tree lines to see with ease.

Be gentle with yourself and go with what you FEEL. This doesn’t mean you stop and take a break in your path, but simply show others how to feel their intuition in their own way as you expand your own.

We are all here to help each other grow. It comes in waves, and nowadays the waves are lifting us all to greater heights. Prepare to go places you haven’t gone for a while🌲✨

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Archangels Chamuel, Jophiel, and Zadkiel came through for today’s message. Here is what they feel we need to know most right now:

There is need to find tolerance and forgiveness right now. It’s time to leave behind old thought and behavioral patterns and ascend. Archangel Zadkiel offers his assistance with the violet flame to help. Visualize yourself in the flame and release any negativity lingering with you whether it be from past lives to early childhood to today. Throw everything holding you back because you are ready for a path full of light.

After you cleanse yourself with the violet flame, ask Jophiel to shine the golden ray of light upon you to connect with your inner wisdom. You’ll receive energetic downloads to give you strength and direct you towards the wisdom in your heart. That wisdom will lead you everywhere you need to go.

Now that we’ve cleared out any last bits of darkness and filled ourselves with light, our next step is to open our hearts to unconditional love. In that space, there is no judgment or blocks but instead acceptance and such power that any low vibes can be dissolved in you and those who you connect with. The ultimate lesson is to send love to everyone in order to build a bridge of light and ground that light down, creating a hopeful and peaceful world.

They say that accepting this advice and following through will help you in more ways than one. Not only will it help you ascend, but it will help the world ascend and because of that, they send you many blessings and love in return.

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Every project begins with thoughts creating ideas. What you think and imagine, you create. This is why people say “If you think the world is a great place, it will be a great place. If you think it’s a scary place, it will be a scary place.”

It’s all about perspective and how strong you can stand in your own view while being sideswiped by pressure from society and the ego. When you can get grounded and find your own space to reconnect with what you feel in your soul, you give yourself an opportunity to see the beauty, and light, and wisdom. Those opportunities that you take are priceless because they directly influence your choices. And we could all use a little push in our decisions, couldn’t we?

There are more choices than ever now it seems. So many doors have opened up! Remember that you are in much more power than your ego says. That period of fear-based thinking is over – don’t worry about your decisions. Worrying means that your ego is trying to control your life, which leads to you making choices from your ego. We know we must begin to make choices from our hearts (passions) and our souls.

Imagine more beauty, light, and wisdom inside of you and you will soon see the same in the outside world. Turn on some lights and dust out any cobwebs: you’re making yourself a new life to settle into.

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