What’s Your Energy?

Everything is energy – what better place to start for healing and growth?

All you know in existence is made up of atoms and those atoms have energy in the vastly empty space inside of them..  That energy moves or vibrates at a certain vibration/frequency, which means that everything has and is energy, and energy is everything – including you.
Your own vibes are determined by your thoughts, emotions, feelings, etc.
and altering your vibes starts and ends with energy.

Our society is becoming much more educated about the bigger and more energetic aspect of ourselves, our world, and our Universe.  As we do so, we begin to notice that energy is the major aspect to life, the underlying foundation in everything, and is the starting point to healing ourselves, our families, our communities, and our world.

So, think about it:  What’s your energy saying about you right now?  Are you satisfied with your vibes, and if not, do you have the courage, compassion, and integrity to create the change you wish to see?



Reiki means “Universal Energy.”  It’s a holistic healing method which uses Universal energy to heal the root issue of emotional, spiritual, and physical illnesses while restoring the body, mind, and spirit to balance. Reiki can release and remove energetic blockages and toxins from the body to allow for healing on all levels.  Chakras are balanced and auras are cleansed while the body attains a healthier energetic level. This process is a cleansing on a deep level that will balance and detox the energies in your physical and energetic body to feel replenished and re-energized.

Not only does Reiki balance the energies in the bodies (yes, plural – we have physical and energetic bodies), but it also can remove attachments/cords connected to us and from us.  We form emotional cords everyday. We also have cords from past lives. Some are healthy and some are not. Unhealthy cords can drain your energy. Cutting unhealthy cords give you instant healing so you can be free to live the life you choose. This process removes any and all cords from our bodies, keeping us on our paths to peace and health.

– subtle movement of energy that induces natural self-healing
– balances chakras and cleanses auras, restoring balance and wellness
– cuts emotional/energetic cords from others that can leave us feeling drained
– detoxifies energies and removes blockages
– reduces stress and anxiety
– relieves pain and discomfort
– increases energy levels
– clears the mind and improves focus
– supports the immune system
– compliments medical treatment
– enhances creativity and spirituality
– combine with Access Bars® for a super effective healing treatment!



Almost every healing session with a client includes relaying messages their spirit guides and angels, as well as providing as much authentic and light-filled guidance as I possibly can. It’s cool because it works for clients anywhere in the world (long-distance sessions with me are always available). That’s what’s awesome about healing with energy: there really isn’t any time or space to confine it.

My goal is to help people understand and become their spiritual and authentic selves, while wholeheartedly helping them heal whatever may be holding them from growing to their most beautiful heights.  Combining my holistic healing and spiritual coaching methods, we treat the mind, body, and soul.


A Few Special Terms to Know

If you have any questions at all, I encourage you to shoot me a message on the Contact page.  I’d love to help you learn more about this stuff.

REIKI:  Reiki is Universal Energy that flows through me to your energetic and physical bodies to release toxins and blockages.  It balances the chakras and cleanses the aura, returning the body back to balance and wellness.

ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS BARS®:  Access Bars® is a healing process that uses 32 specific points on the head to amplify the electricity in your body to remove toxins and blockages preventing you from making the changes you want in life.  The Bars® can remove thousands of years of limitations in a single session.

 CHAKRAS:  The body has 7 main energy centers which are called chakras (which means “wheel” in Sanskrit). Each relate to a part of the physical body and vibrate at specific frequencies and colors. Reiki works directly with these chakras to balance the energies in your body.  They are the following:

  • Crown: at the top of the head; relates to our connection with all that is.  The physical association is the Pituitary Gland.  Color is purple and musical note (aka frequency) is B.
  • Third-eye: located just above the space between our eyes; relates to our intuition.  The physical association is the Pineal Gland.  Color is indigo and musical note (aka frequency) is A.
  • Throat: right in our throat; relates to self-expression.  The physical association is the thyroid/parathyroids. Color is blue and musical note (aka frequency) is G.  This chakra also relates to the element of the Ethers.
  • Heart: in the center of our chest; relates to love.  The physical association is the Thymus. Color is green (or pink for higher heart) and musical note (aka frequency) is F.  This chakra also relates to the element of Air.
  • Solar Plexus: located between opening of the bottom of our rib cage; relates to our self-power.  The physical association is the Pancreas/Adrenal Glands. Color is yellow and musical note (aka frequency) is E.  This chakra also relates to the element of fire.
  • Sacral: located just below our belly button; relates to our creativity and sexuality.  The physical association are the ovaries/testes. Color is orange and musical note (aka frequency) is D.  This chakra also relates to the element of Water.
  • Root: located at the bottom of our spine; relates to our survival.  The physical association are the Adrenal Glands/sex organs.  Color is red and musical note (aka frequency) is C.  This chakra also relates to the element of Earth.

 AURA:  The aura reaches out about arms-length away from our body.  It is our energetic field.  Traumatic experiences, old energies, etc. can become trapped in our auras making the importance of cleansing them vital to our wellness.

 CRYSTALS:  Crystals (or gems, rocks, etc.) have metaphysical properties that can be used for the benefit of many, many things such as protection, abundance, confidence, peace, love, etc.  They vibrate at certain frequencies and help our energy to vibrate at a similar frequency, which is how we can use them to help us.

 KARMA:  Karma is the law that whatever you put out into the Universe returns to you, but also relates to the fact that we as souls must learn both sides of every situation:  we must be rich, we must be poor, we must kill, we must be killed, etc.  Over multiple lifetimes, we accumulate karma and sometimes need to heal from it using Reiki, The Bars®, and many other holistic healing therapies.  Both Reiki and The Bars® heal karma from thousands of lifetimes when used in combination.

ASCENSION:  The Earth has raised its vibration to a frequency of more light, love, compassion, positivity, etc. and the people now have a choice to raise their vibrations as well.  We will work together to find your purpose through the Ascension, which usually involves living our own soul passions and truths.


I hope to work with you towards divine guidance and healing!